Machine Learning, VR and Fish Join the Techstars London Accelerator

Jul 16, 2018

After hundreds of meetings with incredible entrepreneurs from all over the world, visits to over 20 cities from New York to Dublin to Seoul and applications from all corners of the globe, I’m delighted to announce Techstars Class 138 – the ten companies joining us for the Techstars London Accelerator class of 2018.

The next three months will see companies from India, South Korea, Ukraine (x2), US/Holland, Portugal/US, Finland, Hong Kong, Estonia and the UK working with the Techstars team and mentors to grow, scale and do amazing things.

In food terms, we have a smorgasbord of companies – from machine learning and computer vision to foodtech and fish, and from VR games to knowledge management and all points in between.

Here are the Techstars London Accelerator 2018 companies:

3coWe build augmented reality and artificial intelligence to help our users imagine a happier, healthier, more productive work space and ship the solution to their doorstep. Our focus is currently on spatial transformation through plants

42Maru42Maru is building a QA(Question Answering) System based on deep learning which applies to Smart Speakers, Connected Cars, Chatbots and Data Warehouses, etc. Our system can give a Unique Correct Answer to any given question. We have core technologies in Information Retrieval, Triple Semantics, MRC(Machine Reading Comprehension), Paraphrasing, etc. We have the world’s first Korean commercial version with some major TELCOs and projects with big ship building industries and financial institutions. Save Time, Just Ask

AuquanAuquan is a platform to crowd-source data-driven trading strategies from a community of data scientists, developers and machine learning engineers. We restructure trading into a data and math problem by abstracting out finance knowledge. This way, anyone can discover patterns and build models using historical data without any experience in finance. Profitable strategies created by our users are used by our trading partners to trade live in the markets. We charge these trading firms a percentage cut in the profits and reward our users by splitting this fee with them.

Flawless AppFlawless App is a tool for developers to deliver polished design implementations. It compares expected design with the final app inside a development environment. We have a strong of over 400 paying customers from companies like Basecamp, Spotify, Uber, the Washington Post and many others

HipFire GamesHipfire Games is a team of former Supercell and Rovio folks building a platform that combines multiplayer VR games with social meeting elements and hubs. We’re building one of the biggest VR communities for gamers – think Supercell meets social in VR

Kencko FoodsKencko is a smart food company on a mission to simplify organic fruit & vegetables into convenient products that are hassle-free to consume. We do this by eliminating perishability, extending its shelf-life while preserving nutrition & properties of freshly organic harvested produce.

KipwiseKipwise is building a more automated knowledge management tool to help teams save, organize and utilize useful team knowledge in a more efficient way.

Let’s EnhanceLet’s Enhance is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses and graphic professionals to enhance and generate images in one click

Pesky FishReinventing the seafood supply chain to create a more sustainable industry for fish, fishermen and consumers. Delivering London’s fastest, freshest fish (as little as 6 hours) while building the digital platform to trade directly from the boat

School SpaceSchool Space offers an ‘airbnb for schools’ – a service which allows them to rent their facilities to the community. Schools need money, community groups need space. We manage the end to end service to make out of hours lettings work for schools and our customers.

I can’t wait to bring all of these companies into the the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and to work with our global and local partners, our brilliant mentors and friends of the program to help them grow, scale and do great things. All of us – companies and Techstars staff are unbelievably grateful for their support, time and guidance. We couldn’t do it without them.

If you’re interested in helping any of the companies, or if you just want to learn more, please feel free to DM me on Twitter or pop me an email.