Meet the 10 Pre-Seed Companies Accelerated by Techstars Berlin Accelerator in 2021

May 03, 2021

By Jag Singh, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin Accelerator

Today, I can finally reveal the companies in the 2021 Techstars Berlin Accelerator class. These founders have inspired us amidst the global economic, political, and social uncertainty by engaging with mentors, the program team, and one another over the last three months

They’ve each made an incredible amount of progress, de-risked their businesses by proving and disproving many core assumptions, and bringing their A-game to every single Zoom call. I couldn’t be prouder of this class of founders for seizing the opportunity, at this incredible moment. 

Today’s Demo Day is a chance for these companies to showcase their growth and future plans, so be sure to check out their pitches via and get in touch with them via the site, if you can help. 

If you’ve ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of an accelerator, when founders are faced with the task of condensing all that progress into a two minute pitch, you’ll definitely want to check out our new podcast series, The Lead Up.

Each episode will feature one company from this year’s class where each founder will discuss what’s really going through their minds at each stage of building a business in an accelerator, while preparing for the big reveal to investors and the community. 

Here are the companies we’re excited to reveal:


Helping businesses go beyond the paycheck, by providing free financial coaching for every employee.

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With Creatext, B2B sales teams write more effective emails and book more meetings.

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From idea to website in seconds—If you can imagine it, you can build it.

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Faredirect is helping airlines to build and scale ancillary revenues. Live with 2 airlines, delivered 20% uplift.

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100s of kids are already learning hands-on by experimenting with Labbox’s subscription-based engineering kits.

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Enabling charities and public sector organisations to quickly verify and process financial support applications for millions of people in financial hardship.

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Traditional recruitment is dead. Mockmate helps jobseekers practice interviewing and companies screen candidates faster using natural language processing.

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Powering developers to write beautiful, clear code all the time through real time refactoring. Improving code for 1k+ developers/week & teams at top companies.

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First of its kind fintech solution providing an alternative to the $560bn global remittance market, by eliminating the need for money transfers.

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Puma, Vaude, and Vogue Magazine are already using to shorten their design processes.

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