Meet the 12 Startups of Techstars Boulders' 2022 Class

Jan 13, 2022

By Andres Barreto, Managing Director and Malte Witt, Investment Associate of the Techstars Boulder Accelerator.

We are excited to announce the new class of Techstars Boulder 2022. Each of these companies went through a rigorous screening, diligence, and selection process that lasted several weeks before coming out on top. These companies stood out in demonstrating a deep understanding of their customer’s pain and an extraordinary ability to execute quickly. These companies join the other 161 alumni companies of Techstars Boulder that have collectively gone on to raise over $2 billion in capital. 

Companies in the 2022 class span across industries including Fintech, B2B SaaS, Sustainability, Web 3, E-Commerce, Marketplaces, and across the globe including Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. 

We are also excited that over 70% of the companies are led by diverse founders from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Meet the companies joining Techstars Boulder in 2022:


Helps lenders lend to more small businesses and consumers with APIs for data, risk, and scoring. 

Founders: Andres Perez, Mateo Semerene


Helps small shops sell more and ship faster via Whatsapp in Latin America.

Founders: Ivonne Quiñones, Miguel André Duranteau 


Capture, edit & share social proof videos like testimonials in minutes.

Founders: Alejandro Garcia-Amaya, Eric Lam

Budget Better

Helps millennials and gen-z take control of their money and save more through the use of community. 

Founders: Carmen Perez, Peter Hoang


A rapid-development platform that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Founders: Mike Berson, Julie Dwyer, Andy Malkin


A climate investment platform that makes it easy to invest in land restoration.

Founders: Tim Luckow, Jovin Cronin-Wilesmith


A vetted talent marketplace to hire freelance blockchain developers quickly into Web3 projects.

Founders: Berk Serbetcioglu, Derin Serbetcioglu, Lydia Hoopingarner, Ramiro Sugranes


The one-stop-shop for construction materials in Latin America.

Founders: Neftaly Ramirez, Marco Trujillo


Helps restaurants in Africa manage their online and offline orders, payments, and customers in one place.

Founders: Guy Futi, Kunle Ogungbamila, Fikayo Adinlewa, Mark Edomwande


Lends to employees of publicly traded companies so they can participate in their employer's stock purchase plans.

Founders: Andy Kalmon, Alok Jain


Helps retail options traders save time and money. 

Founders: Graciela Carrillo, Andrii Leus


Lets creators and Web3 builders create live community spaces

Founders: Gregarious Narain, Petr Bela

Over the next three months, the founders of these companies will focus on getting to or expanding product-market-fit with the help of Techstars mentors and the program team. 

There are a few more exciting changes happening this year; Techstars Boulder has expanded from 10 to 12 companies per class, and from running once a year to running twice a year, the following program starts in July. Applications for the next class will open on January 18th.