Meet the 24 Companies joining Techstars Seattle Class of 2023

Oct 08, 2023

For the first time in Techstars Seattle's history, we are proud to present our largest cohort of 24 early-stage startup companies. We are thrilled to welcome them to Seattle as we return to an in-person experience for our 15th program.

In recent months, the Techstars Seattle team has been actively hosting and participating in hundreds of events across the Pacific Northwest. From the thousands of applications reviewed, we handpicked these 24 companies, tackling a diverse range of challenges across various verticals.

I’m incredibly impressed by the caliber of the founders in this cohort. Many are industry experts in fields such as cybersecurity, AI, robotics, healthcare, climate, and e-commerce, and have built products at companies like Google, Meta, SpaceX, Microsoft, Fortinet, and StockX.

While this cohort is twice the size of our previous ones, the personalized company experience that Techstars is known for won’t be diminished - in fact, it's set to increase. The Techstars Seattle team has also doubled as we have welcomed the co-founders of OfferUp, Loftium, Shyft, and a Threshold VC partner as Entrepreneurs in Residence. These accomplished entrepreneurs bring a wealth of experience that they will share with the teams over the next 13 weeks. 

To date, Techstars Seattle portfolio companies have raised more than $3 billion of capital and over 80% of our companies have exited or are still running today. Notable companies include unicorns such as Remitly, Outreach, and Zipline. 

If you are interested in supporting these companies, we invite you to apply to be a mentor on our website or reach out to us directly for an introduction to a company. We are looking for mentors who are entrepreneurs with an exit, and industry/subject matter experts who embody Techstars #givefirst spirit! 

AdsGency: No code platform to automate advertising workflows from ideation and content generation to performance monitoring and optimization. 

Astros: A developer-first company that provides platforms and tools for mobile game studios to efficiently monetize their customers.

Canopy: An anonymous community for social media creators to ask questions, gain industry insights, and spill the tea in a safe space.

CareCopilot: An intelligent, managed marketplace of everything that you need when caring for an adult loved one with specialized care needs. 

Chassi: Helping robotics and embedded companies ship software 10x faster and cheaper by automating their entire development workflow.

Chi: Actionable code risk intelligence for Microservices.

Cloud-fence: One-click deploy full stack network security and security insights to manage security across your cloud infrastructure. AI-powered shopping assistant that optimizes discovery, decision-making, and shopping experiences.

Easy Platter: Platform to hire a chef to cook weekly meals in your home starting at $89 per week.

Et Cetera Robotics: Etc. Robotics upgrades robots to see what others miss.

Inquisio.AI: An AI-powered copilot eliminating repetitive workflows starting with public information requests.  

Moyae: The ultimate Electronic Health Record solution designed for ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Paralog: Paralog is an AI platform to democratize and accelerate production of NPC behaviors in video games.

Pezzo: Empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate and optimize AI in their software, without requiring prior AI/ML expertise.

Planette: Empowers enterprises to adapt to climate change by providing year-ahead extreme weather risk forecasts.

Produx AI: Enabling smarter decisions for B2B product teams with actionable intelligence from GTM feedback.

Propio: Propio puts Latino independent workers in the driver's seat to seamlessly manage payments, taxes, benefits and financial access.

Prospero: Prospero fully automates email marketing for businesses that do not have a marketing team.

Stackoon: Stackoon helps tech companies eliminate manual hassle of managing software tools by allowing IT & HR teams to control access and costs for 300,000 apps.

TalkStack: TalkStack provides a no-code Gen AI customer experience platform to enterprises without AI teams and can deliver human-like conversations including lead generation and qualification.

tawkitAI: Open-source copilot infrastructure for productivity applications.

Trellis Health: Modern personal health software for you to access your past, manage your present, and build a foundation for the future of your family's health.

Visionify: Visionify helps improve Workplace Safety by providing VisionAI services.

ZippiAi: Ai Co-Pilot for Maintenance Engineers.

About the Author
Marius Ciocirlan

Marius Ciocirlan is the Managing Director of Techstars Seattle. He is a product leader, serial entrepreneur and advisor who resides in Seattle. Early in his career, he won an Emmy for his filmmaking work at PBS. He then transitioned into product design and designed all of the Groupon mobile apps, which were downloaded more than 100 million times. He has founded multiple B2B and consumer startups. He served as Co-Founder and CEO of the VC-backed startup ShareGrid, which was recently acquired by Backstage. ShareGrid is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace where over 150,000 filmmakers and photographers rent out more than $1 billion worth of production equipment.