Meet the companies – Techstars London Accelerator 2019 starts here!

Jul 15, 2019

It seems appropriate that the applications for Techstars London 2019 opened up on International Programmer’s Day—January 7 of this year. I would link to the website to prove that fact, but ironically enough, it’s down.

Over the 90 days that followed—until applications closed on Empowered Women Entrepreneurs’ Day, April 7—we traveled around Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the U.S. meeting incredible companies at every stop. We received an overwhelming amount of applications at a frankly awe-inspiring level of quality. 

I’ve been involved in a lot of selection processes over the years—over 30—and this year was the toughest one yet. A few years back I wondered if we would ever hit a startup ‘law of diminishing returns’ in terms of quality of ideas and companies. I now realize the opposite is true. This year we saw compelling companies, amazing entrepreneurs, and brilliant applications from around the world. The competition for spots in this year’s program was fierce, which is why I’m so excited to share the ten companies we’ve selected for the program. 

Our 2019 class represents three continents—North America, Europe, and Africa—with founders from Nigeria, Slovenia, the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., and beyond. It’s one of our most gender and racially diverse groups yet, with founders from a variety of backgrounds that we believe reflect the greater diversity found in the world. I can’t wait for our mentors, partners, and friends to meet and work with them over the coming three months. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the companies or helping out, just let us know! 

Now to the real stars of the show—the Techstars London 2019 companies: 

Anything World

Anything World is a middleware platform that combines AI, voice computing, and 3D rendering with layers of behavioural intelligence. It enables users to request and play with any object imaginable.

Banjo Robinson

Banjo Robinson is your child’s new pen pal. Banjo is a magical, globetrotting cat who sends real, personalised letters, stickers, stories, and reply stationery to children, twice a month, from exciting destinations like the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Indonesia, and Iceland. Banjo’s letters are personalised with details about each child’s interests, and he can respond at scale to the questions they ask him in return.


Cledara provides the building blocks for tech-forward companies to tailor, automate, and embed their banking inside business processes. Each company is unique; their banking should be too. 

Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light is the fastest way for enterprises to run static analysis tests on large codebases.


myTamarin is tech-enabled childcare marketplace: a one stop-shop for all childcare needs.  

Noir Food

Drink great wine, taste fine food, and learn from the best—all from the comfort of your home. Learn about the culinary world from the inside, with exclusive content packed with insider tips and behind-the-scenes videos. You’ll also get flights of wine shipped to your door, extensive expert tasting notes, gastronomic goodies, and, of course, members-only popup events.


We’re OHNE. We’re the bespoke, organic period product subscription service challenging the menstrual health industry and re-shaping the way people shop for their period products. OHNE subscriptions offer 100% organic period products customised to each customer’s unique cycle length, delivered in letterbox-sized packages right before they need them. We’re not only changing the way women shop for their periods, we’re changing the way they experience them. is a deep tech startup working to industrialise how big business captures data using drones, with the initial focus on increasing productivity & safety in construction—currently the fastest growing drone market and forecast to be worth £2.6bn globally.


Versus is solving the problem of lack of data on African consumers within the continent. It combines online and offline data for brands to have actionable and competitive insights into the African market. Through Versus, brands can now have a soft landing into doing business in Africa.

Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health is on a mission is to change the way people assess and treat musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions across healthcare through computer vision technology. Currently clinicians rely on their sight alone to measure patient motor function, leading to inaccurate and subjective information for them to base their decisions on.