Meet the Startups in the Techstars Kansas City Accelerator for 2020

Jun 01, 2020

2-min Read

By Lesa Mitchell, Managing Director of Techstars Kansas City

The first five months of 2020 laid bare the connectivity and complexity of our professional and personal lives. In the selection of this class, our investment theme is not just anti-fragile businesses, but companies that will thrive in our post-COVID-19 world. The Techstars Kansas City 2020 class includes companies that are enabling the broad desire for greater transparency and access in healthcare, food supply, and justice for all. We’re also welcoming companies with new platforms and new business models that will attract and facilitate broader talent pools and improve productivity for both technology companies and main street businesses.

While we received applications from across the globe, we are investing in ten companies and founders from as far east as Ireland and as far west as L.A. and Portland, and six other cities in between. We will support these founders focusing on building a strong foundation that will allow accelerated growth. Techstars founders and mentors know the power of the network that enabled their own growth and are #GiveFirst in supporting these founders over the next 13 weeks. We look forward to sharing the stories of these founders and how they will be positively impacting our world in the years to come. 

Cherry Blossom Intimates offers breast cancer survivors completely customizable, fully insurance billable post-mastectomy prosthetics with a state-of-the-art fitting experience.

Courtroom5 offers an end-to-end legal toolbox that helps people represent themselves in court.

Musicbuk is a virtual learning platform that gives beginners and advanced students access to the world’s top musicians for 1-on-1 music lessons.

MuukLabs is the first and only QA Acceleration Platform, we help companies ship fast with full, automated test coverage

OjaExpress is a digital marketplace which enables access to cultural groceries for immigrants and foodies, while  supporting the growth of local ethnic grocery stores. provides an Intranet with live behavioural data, sentiment analysis and predictive recommendations for leadership and HR.

Petabolix provides pet parents and professionals with advanced nutritional assessments and personalized diet recommendations.

PocketMentor provides advice and connections for code school students to land their first jobs in tech.

ProviderPool is an online labor marketplace connecting healthcare organizations to nursing professionals for on-demand staffing needs.

West Tenth is bringing you crafted services and custom goods from the home-based businesses in your neighborhood.