Meet the Techstars Boston Spring 2024 Class

Mar 12, 2024

We’re bullish on Boston! Techstars has identified Boston as one of the hubs in which to expand investment and early stage founder support. The vibrant Boston ecosystem is a springboard for transforming the future of health, climate, work and more. 

The Boston accelerator is the second oldest accelerator in the Techstars network. First launched in 2009, the program has produced billions in economic value, over a hundred companies and thousands of jobs.

We’re excited to announce the twelve companies that make up the March 2024 class for the Techstars Boston Accelerator, which kicks off this week in Cambridge, MA. The companies joining us for the 13 week accelerator come from all across the globe – from our own backyard in Cambridge, MA to locations as far-reaching as Mexico, Canada and England. 

Whether harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, developing innovative hard tech solutions, or pioneering transformative societal initiatives, the Techstars Boston team is looking forward to connecting them with the Boston community of mentors, experts, investors and potential clients and partners!

A special thank you to our sponsors, partners, mentors, and alumni who help make Techstars Boston successful. Please join us in welcoming the Techstars Boston March Class of 2024!


Ada IQ leverages proprietary AI empowering product managers to make better design decisions through understanding how consumers really feel about their products.


Ahoi helps make the world a more accessible place, providing personalized compatibility scores for how accessible a location is for a user, and tailored navigation directions based on the users’ means of modality.


BioGrip’s Smart Bionic System is a universal control platform for artificial limbs. Through a single thought, people with mobility disabilities are able to move naturally, and perform simultaneous activities just like the non-disabled body does.


Cerbrec makes it easy to build and design AI models with a drag-and-drop experience. Their flagship product, Graphbook, is a deep learning framework that brings visibility and intelligent guidance to researchers and AI builders.


Citera helps building operators reduce energy waste by providing an out-of-the-box analytics tool to facilitate data collection and analytics that highlight leakages within buildings. 


Gravl is a platform that enables university research labs to attract external clients to drive greater utilization and ROI of equipment, as well as sales of other products and services under their own brand. 


HeronAI is a data analytics hub specializing in dark data, creating a 360-degree view of customers’ businesses in minutes and reducing their reporting processes from weeks down to minutes.


Innerlogic enables organizations to scale culture change 10x faster and for a fraction of the cost. Its AI-powered change intelligence platform provides real-time, evidence-based recommendations curated for departments and leaders, closing the expensive chasm between descriptive data and real behavior change. 

Phare Labs

Phare Labs provides home security for institutional landlords. They protect their assets against fires, water damage, intruders, and more to reduce losses and boost net operating income.  


Poliark is an AI and research company building text-to-design & text-to-3D AI, enabling effortless construction of 3D models with a built-in material catalog that not only automates quantity calculation but also tracks embedded CO₂ emissions.

Surgicure Technologies

Surgicure is a female-owned business that has developed a disruptive device that improves intubation quality and safety, ensuring patient breathing across settings, from the ICU to LTC. Surgicure’s device secures medical tubes intubated within a patient’s oral cavity and prevents unnecessary injury, such as unplanned extubation and pressure ulcers, which may cause significant harm, including death.

Toothly AI

Toothly AI is a machine learning dental understanding platform that provides diagnostic and prescriptive support to supercharge dentists resulting in faster, more accurate, precise, and trusted work product.