Meet the Techstars London 2020 Companies

Sep 04, 2020

By Eamonn Carey, Managing Director of the Techstars London Accelerator

We opened the applications for this year’s Techstars program in what now feels like a parallel universe. If I look back at my calendar for the week around the 17th of February, it included airplanes, large groups in enclosed spaces and a host of other activities that now feel almost surreal. 

A lot has changed for all of us over the last six months, but one thing that didn’t is the calibre and number of founders I was lucky enough to spend time with. I never expected to have quite so many people in my kitchen, but I’m incredibly lucky to have met companies around the world who show all of the qualities that embody phenomenal entrepreneurs — people who see the potential, but understand the problems. People that have a vision for building something that makes people’s lives better, easier and more enjoyable, and people whose passion for the products they’re building transcended Zoom. 

The world needs people with passion, ideas and drive more than ever — and I’m delighted to be supporting ten amazing companies that have all of those and more in abundance. I’m excited for the mentors, partners, investors and friends of Techstars London to meet them over the next 13 weeks. Without any further ado — meet the 10 companies in this year’s batch...

Intelligent audio for the internet. In just one line of code, Audyo makes any publication listenable. Audyo increases revenue and reach and provides rich data-driven insights into the things that matter.


Aya is a digital mental wellbeing companion that helps people manage stress and anxiety. Aya uses innovative tools at the intersection of psychology, computational neuroscience and machine learning to help users better understand themselves and the stress and anxiety they are facing. Based on that deeper understanding, Aya proposes a personalised set of solutions from proven approaches across psychology, mindfulness and the wider mental wellbeing space.

Decorte Future Industries

DFI builds intelligent clothing, answering the need, from Defence to Care, for a single centralised data-gathering and capacity-enhancing platform built directly on top of the human body. The company focuses on human-machine teaming and interfacing; its suits integrate the human itself into the Internet of Things, enabling preventative and predictive healthcare, and giving wearers digital 'superpowers'. The body-adaptive exoskeleton at the core of the company allows any clothing to fit any human, solving the problem of fit, the primary problem in a $1.5 trillion clothing industry.


eola is a complete booking and management platform for experience providers. We enable businesses to automate their processes - from taking bookings to resource management - while significantly increasing their revenue.


We are changing the way houses are developed, presenting all the options to extend in clear 3D models — allowing houses to be re-imagined. Our goal is to empower homeowners and connect stakeholders, to make planning and development simpler, and to illuminate the hidden value within domestic properties.


Lupa is the digital running studio where everyday runners can find immersive, live audio experiences and personal coaching tailored to their preferences. Anytime and anywhere on the Lupa app. Just focus on your run while we take care of the rest. Start with choosing a new personalised route and live navigation. You can add adaptive personal coaching to be mindfully guided based on your goals and access other immersive audio layers for an enhanced running experience.


PandMe is your “Personal Shopping Assistant” that will bring you a great sense of relief by solving your shopping problems. On average, people spend five hours to make a purchase decision, PandMe can reduce this process to minutes. With the help of product experts and artificial intelligence, it has never been easier to pick the best option for you or your loved ones.


Integrating mobile content creation tools, a marketplace and a custom keyboard so that users can share unique visual content across platforms instantly. Design your message with custom 3D models, masks, filters, gifs, and stickers.


Syncify’s mission is to create a better way for humans to fundamentally understand each other and to be connected in a more practical and meaningful way. We are building an app that lets users listen to content together starting with podcasts. Users can listen to the same content at the same time or easily catch up on the same things and talk to each other about their shared experiences.


Troglo is a mobile platform that improves sexual health and wellbeing along with reducing STI and HIV infections. We alter human behaviour by facilitating decision making, increasing access to resources and reducing the need for treatment.