Push Your Startup Venture to New Heights in Tel Aviv -Techstars Tel Aviv Applications Are Now Open!

Aug 09, 2021

2021 will be remembered as the first year we operated two accelerator classes in Tel Aviv! I am pleased to announce the opening of the applications for the second Techstars Tel Aviv Class of 2021.

Our mission at Techstars is to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential through a worldwide entrepreneurial growth network of mentors and investors - and we feel that Tel Aviv is uniquely situated in the heart of “start up nation” to act as the base for this development.

Over 13 weeks entrepreneurs will participate in experiential challenges, professional workshops and guest lectures that provide a wealth of knowledge to apply to their own projects. Our wide-ranging partnerships with corporate leaders, investors, and mentors also help support you grow and offer advice and tips as needed.

Why Should You Join Techstars? 

Techstars Tel Aviv is one of over 45 accelerators around the world, which offers the biggest global network proven to help entrepreneurs succeed. Beyond the mentors who provide startups with value by helping them to refine their offerings and better their organizations, joining Techstars means you become a part of the Techstars global family. The connections participants make with other entrepreneurs, as well as leading industry experts, investors, and partners from all over the world, l help to set the foundations for their venture’s future success.

It is no wonder that after working with and investing in over 2,500 startups that have raised over $15.7 billion in funding with a collective market cap of $52.2 Billion, Techstars has the formula to accelerate startups and their business with targeted consultation and mentorship.

What’s the program framework?

As Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv, I am honored to share with participants my knowledge and experience from 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor in the Israeli startup ecosystem. I spent the early part of my career building companies, raising funds and managing large teams. With this in mind, Techstars Tel Aviv combines theoretical and real-life experience with expert knowledge in order to advise entrepreneurs on a variety of subjects including: legal issues, business models, securing investments, and more. We focus on helping entrepreneurs improve upon their ideas and solidify their commercial processes in order to create the next Waze or Monday.com right here in Techstars.

Why Tel Aviv? 

Israel is synonymous with the ‘Startup Nation’ and Tel Aviv is most certainly its capital. It sits at the crossroads of global innovation and continues to push the envelope in the development of groundbreaking technologies. Corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have large R&D centers here while tech giants such as: Monday.com, CyberArk, Beyond Meat, and Waze grow the Israeli brand through high-powered deals and IPOs. 

Investors continue to flock to Tel Aviv as revolutionary startups pop up almost daily with the intention of disrupting the market. It is a technological hub for the entire world and there is truly no better place than to develop and refine your startup than in the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. 

So, how did Monday.com go public this year? How is Beyond Meat one of the fastest growing companies in the world? Why have investors and VCs poured in an unprecedented amount of money into the Israeli startup system in recent years?  Learning the reasons behind these successes and implementing them in the heart of the action will forever change the way in which you develop and grow your business.

How Does the Program Work? 

After a thorough review and selection process, selected founders will spend three months working alongside other founders, mentors, corporate partners, and investors to drive their companies towards rapid growth and success on campus in Tel Aviv.

Who Can Apply?

All technological ventures and daring entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply, no matter your funding or idea stage. 

As a woman founder and CEO, I saw firsthand the struggles that women face in this male-dominated space, and in 2010 this led me to create Yazamiyot - Women Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit organization, with a vision to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

We encourage underrepresented founders such as females, people of color and more to apply to our program.

Interested in joining Techstars Tel Aviv to gain funding, mentorship and access to the Techstars worldwide network? Start your application today. 

Want to connect with us before applying? Attend one of our upcoming Meet and Greet events or AMA sessions to learn about each program or request private one-on-one office hours to discuss your startup. 

We look forward to seeing what you're building.