Saudi Space Techstars Founder Catalyst Announces First Cohort

Feb 02, 2023

Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and the Saudi Space Commission, Saudi Arabia’s national space agency, are pleased to announce the 15 startups selected for the first cohort of the Saudi Space Techstars Founder Catalyst program.

Our selected startups come from diverse backgrounds and geographies and are working on a range of cutting-edge technologies, from satellite communications to propulsion and space manufacturing. 

During our 10-week program that kicked-off on January 17, startups will receive mentorship, training, and access to Techstars global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and experts. They will also have the chance to showcase their products and pitch to potential investors and partners at our Demo Day event in Riyadh on March 20, 2023.

The program is part of the Saudi government's efforts to ignite and develop a strong and thriving local space industry, and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country in line with its ambitious 2030 vision.

In case these startups are not on your radar yet, we highly recommend you to check them out.  

Selected Companies (in alphabetical order):


Airmo will provide precise and unbiased intelligence about CO2 and CH4 emissions globally and near real-time down to a single facility via deploying a small satellite constellation and novel LiDAR instrument.

Celestial Space Technologies 

Celestial Space Technologies with the vision of developing the next generation of small satellites for near and deep space missions with innovative antenna technology and highly integrated sub-systems. Currently, we are developing customized satellite antennas, across all frequency bands, for any satellite size, and for any mission range.


Our unique software technologies based on elastic advanced linear algebra significantly reduces communication volume between payloads and ground segments.

Kawa Space

Space-powered RF geo-intelligence as a service.

Kurs Orbital

Kurs Orbital expands human activities beyond earth by providing rendezvous and docking technology for on-orbit servicing , space logistics and debris removal missions.

Magnestar Inc.

Magnestar is building software and hardware to enable space assets. Built by people like you, those who are passionate about the space sector and wanting to ensure reliability and resiliency of space services for people here on earth.

Nebula Research & Development Company

The first Saudi company specialized in space medicine research & development.

North Star Space Technology Company

Providing satellite imagery solutions by using AI.

Promin Aerospace

Promin Aerospace develops advanced autophagic rocket propulsion to empower the most efficient small rockets and launch vehicles.

REMOS Space Systems AB

Remos develops software-defined solutions for satellite ground operations. Our solutions are more flexible, adaptable and cost-effective in managing large satellite constellations.


Reliable data from space, for better decisions on earth.


Satellite-based radar to detect space debris.


We are replacing human field visits with drones and remote sensors and satellite images to collect data, and using AI and ML to analyze the data and predict all possible situations that might affect soil quality, vegetation, and animals.

Space Copy

Space Copy is a cutting-edge lunar regolith sampling and 3D printing device that analyzes lunar soil samples, using Infrared and Raman spectroscopy to scan the chemical composition of the samples, and creates a database with an accompanying catalog that lists what the printer can create with the lunar soil.