Techstars + ABN AMRO Future of Finance Accelerator announces 2023 Class

Sep 19, 2023

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Author: Allard Luchsinger, Managing Director Techstars + ABN AMRO Future of Finance Accelerator

10 European fintech companies, 22 unstoppable founders: The ‘23 class of the ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator kicks-off in Amsterdam

Out of more than 450 applicants, a doubling of last year’s number, the Future of Finance team selected 10 of the most promising European early-stage fintech companies to join this year’s Amsterdam based accelerator program. Building on the success of the ‘21 and ‘22 edition, 24 fintech founders will spend 3 months turbo charging their businesses with the help of over 100 mentors, the local and global Techstars team, the ABN AMRO organization, global partners and alumni. 

This year’s batch of fintech companies come from 7 different European countries, with their founders holding 11 nationalities. Their companies are going after some of the most pressing challenges of our age: SME/ startup financing, ESG data capture, sustainable Investing, anti-money laundering, funding climate projects, and rental market affordability. As for the earlier editions we set out to find unstoppable founders with a strong urge to leave a positive impact on this planet. And again we found them in our class of '23. 

We're honored to present the ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Class of '23.

Avenir (UK)

An investment platform assessing investors’ ethical values and matching them with profitable and sustainable investments

Complok (Estonia)

Offers a Risk Management Solution that automates the workload of compliance teams in the financial sector.

FidoRent (Italy)

A payment platform for the world of rentals that improves people's cashflow.

Hypeal (Netherlands)

A crowdfunding platform that empowers startups to launch their own digital currency, unlocking access to funding from their communities.

KUMO (Germany)  

Interest-free loans against carbon credits.

Level2 (UK)

The first fully visual no-code automated strategy creation tool built for retail traders.

trylevel2. com 

Lipefi (Belgium)

Helps European startups to optimize their cash flows by providing credit cards with meaningful limits and financial insights.

PortF (UK)

A sustainability orchestration platform for alternative assets.

Tractionboard (Netherlands)

The one place for all fundraising activities. Our interactive platform between investors and startups helps make startup financing simple and data driven.


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