Techstars Announces Techstars Pathfinder Membership

June 23rd, 2020

New offering tailored to fuel future-defining corporate innovation

BOULDER, Colo. - June 16, 2020 - Today, Techstars, the global platform for investment and innovation, launched Techstars Pathfinder, a membership offering for business leaders looking to accelerate and refine their innovation strategies. 

Techstars Pathfinder allows companies to take advantage of the collective insight, knowledge, and experience across the global Techstars network. Pathfinder clients benefit from meaningful relationships through qualified introductions to early and late-stage startups, mentors, investors, and partners. 

“Many business leaders are challenged with knowing how to capitalize on future growth opportunities offered by startups and startup innovation,” said Frank Alfano, Chief Revenue Officer, Techstars. “Without the right insight, experience, and connections, navigating complex startup ecosystems is not only time consuming, it’s hard to know what is best for their businesses. Relying purely on serendipity and trial-and-error fails to meet businesses’ desire for predictability and inhibits the speed by which innovation must happen to remain competitive today.”

Techstars Pathfinder allows business leaders to move from ideas to action fast. It gives companies an edge in the marketplace with:

  • An insider’s understanding of interrelated, evolving business and technology trends in relevant startup ecosystems;

  • Trusted relationships with vetted startups to collaboratively pursue new ideas, new markets, and new customers;

  • Increased confidence and decreased risk in startup investment, acquisition, and partnership decisions;

  • The ability to share challenges, experiences, and solutions with business peers and industry experts with real-world experience relevant to specific innovation goals; and;

  • The knowledge of exactly where and how to apply scarce resources for impactful pilots and proofs of concept.

For 14 years Techstars has invested and mentored companies and innovation ecosystems that transform markets. The rich access Techstars Pathfinder offers gives business leaders opportunities to create new innovation models and future market-changing solutions through collaborative startup engagement, peer and expert connections, and industry insights.

“As the world’s most active early-stage startup investor, we are able to tap into more than 2,200 portfolio companies from all over the world, provide up-to-date and detailed views across a wide range of interest areas, and deliver data-rich reports and analysis,” said Alfano.

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About Techstars

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