Techstars Anywhere Class of 2021: Startups Built for a Remote-First World

Jan 25, 2021

By Ryan Kuder, Managing Director of Techstars Anywhere Accelerator

I’m excited today to welcome the class of 2021 to the Techstars Anywhere community. Just about a year ago, a lot changed. Techstars Anywhere had always been a remote-first accelerator experience, but suddenly everything was remote. As we spent the summer meeting founders, we were struck by their creativity and resilience as they shifted focus to problems that were still emerging as the world adapted to this new remote-first world. 

This shift to remote life has had big impacts on how we work and live our day to day lives. One of these impacts has been a blurring of the lines between our work and personal lives, so for our 2021 class we set out to find founders working at this intersection. This year’s class is a mix of B2B and consumer technology companies focusing on this dramatic work/life change we’ve experienced in the last year. They are building business and consumer software, housing, and even a very literal series of tubes, to change the way we work, the way we socialize, the way we take care of our kids, the way we shop, and the way we live.

Techstars Anywhere is, and always has been, a remote-first accelerator. To participate, founders do not need to relocate their businesses. Instead, our class will remotely tap into an amazing group of world-class mentors and the rest of the Techstars worldwide network from their homes in Oklahoma City, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Newport Beach, Chicago, Tucson, San Francisco, New York, and even quarantined in Brazil.

Over the next 13 weeks the founders and their mentors will work together building enduring, scalable startups. If you’re an investor who would like to follow the class’ progress along the way, or request early access to our virtual investor showcase in April, email me and I’ll get you connected.


North Carolina

Bytebase is a knowledge sharing platform for software engineers that's built on private and ad-hoc shared notes.


New York and Brazil

Circletime is a virtual-first, live and interactive learning community for children centered around instructor-led group classes.


Newport Beach, CA

E-Fish is a direct-to-consumer E-commerce seafood company that empowers and supports harvesters to sell their products online and ship from dock to door.


New York

A platform for users to easily visualize, share, and collaborate with data.

Pipedream Labs

Oklahoma City

Pipedream is a network of underground tubes that will facilitate 30 second delivery times to and from any home or business.



Qualifi is an on-demand screening platform that recruiters are using to phone interview 100's of candidates in minutes.


North Carolina

QuirkChat is a social video and networking platform where geeks and hobbyists can create and join fandom communities and create collaborative video responses to fandom related topics.


San Francisco

20-minute video brainstorms, coaching, and consults for solopreneurs.



A real estate startup building vertical docking communities for movable container homes. Our goal is to democratize the housing industry by providing a new entry point into the homeownership market.


San Francisco

Treet helps fashion brands own their resale experience by launching their own fully-branded resale marketplace.