Techstars Anywhere Adds a New Program and New Team Members in 2024

Jun 13, 2024

By Misti Cain | Accelerator Lead, Techstars Anywhere

As you may (or may not know) Techstars Anywhere is one of the most popular Techstars programs due to its remote-first format and commitment to supporting founders from any and every where.

Because of this popularity and the overall high number of applicants to Techstars this year, the Techstars Anywhere program is launching a new Fall 2024 program!


Welcome Kerty Levy

In addition to a new program, the program is bringing on Kerty Levy as Managing Director.

Kerty, who led the Techstars Iowa accelerator for three years and served as the Managing Director for Techstars Boston after serving as Managing Director of the Techstars Crypto Boston Accelerator in 2022, will work alongside the current team to:

  • Attract the best and brightest founders to Techstars

  • Serve as a super mentor - guiding founders through challenges, critical decisions and helping set strategies that accelerate their traction

  • Build an investor and early customer network for founders

  • Confirm founders are fundraise ready and support their fundraising efforts up to one year post-program

This will be Kerty’s seventh program with Techstars.


Congrats Misti Cain

Leading the Techstars Anywhere program will be Misti Cain.

Since 2018, Misti has served as mentor, lead mentor, all-star mentor, Give First award recipient, Entrepreneur in Residence, and Investor for both the Techstars Anywhere and Techstars San Diego Powered by SDSU programs.

Now, Misti will take the helm as Techstars Anywhere’s Accelerator Lead and assume responsibility for:

  • The overall success and execution of a founder-first program

  • Making sure founders have access to the resources needed to accelerate their growth

  • Attracting a top tier network of mentors and investors to connect founders to

  • Engaging with startup networks across North America to ensure alumni, mentors, and new founders accepted into the program are engaged and supported

Between all her internal and external work with Techstars, Fall 2024 will mark Misti’s ninth program.


Thank You, Trey Bowles

For the Spring 2024 program, Techstars Anywhere was supported by Managing Director, Trey Bowles.

During the Fall 2024 cohort, Trey will resume his role for the third year in a row as Managing Director for the Techstars Physical Health program which takes place in person in Fort Worth, TX.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and ecosystem builder, Trey was recognized again this year as one of the Top 400: Most Influential in Fort Worth leaders for his dedication to economic development.

The Techstars Anywhere program benefited greatly from Trey’s leadership and can’t wait to welcome him back in the Spring of 2025.

There’s a well-known quote that says, “Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.” Techstars Anywhere - with its remote-first format and agnostic thesis - is proud to offer flexibility and now additional team members and programs in order to increase opportunities for founders.

We look forward to helping more entrepreneurs do more faster and succeed this Fall.