Techstars Atlanta Powered by J.P. Morgan Announces 2024 Spring Class

Mar 11, 2024

By Melissa Pegus, Managing Director of Techstars Atlanta Powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars Atlanta Powered by J.P. Morgan, proudly announces its inaugural class of 12  leading startups. After extensive outreach and collaboration, these startups were selected for their focus on commerce technology, CPG/consumer and creator economy. Over 13 weeks, founders will participate in a hybrid program, beginning with a retreat at SXSW in Austin followed by our programing where founders will benefit from a global network and resources in an inclusive virtual format.

This class underscores J.P. Morgan and Techstars' commitment to supporting underrepresented founders. J.P. Morgan offers a suite of services, including banking and wealth management, beyond the program, recognizing diversity and inclusion as catalysts for innovation and growth.

Without further delay, let's meet the Techstars Atlanta, powered by J.P. Morgan, Class of March 2024!

Commerce Technology

Evan Omondi (Founder) 

Afrigility revolutionizes African logistics for SMEs by optimizing warehouse space into affordable, scalable solutions. Our smart platform enables fast deliveries and lowers logistics expenses, providing a lucrative growth opportunity for SMEs.

Michael Aiken (Founder) 

Bohamo is a Vertical SaaS platform for boutique hotels, enhancing guest relationships, personalizing customer journeys, and expanding revenue channels.

Dillon Moses (Founder) 

Dillon Digitals provides secure cloud software services with Oceanviews AI, aiding financial leaders in unbiased decision-making by automating market research.

Bruno Lorenzelli (Founder) 

Exchange Robotics offers AI services for financial clients in illiquid credit and alternative markets. We process unstructured data, provide customized UIs, and deliver structured finance solutions instantly via voice commands. Our platform uses generative AI and software robots for workflow automation.

Olaoluwa Ogundeji & Brian Giggle(Co-Founders) 

Mimrr is an AI company for codebases. One-click docs, AI chat for natural language queries.

Kahlil Byrd (Founder) 

Shur is a Fintech/insurtech for professionals with student loans. Partnerships with companies, governments, and organizations. Protects loan repayment, credit scores, and promotes wealth creation for borrowers and families.

Leela Yanamaddi (Founder)  

Scale.Jobs AI simplifies job hunting by customizing resumes, cover letters, and networking emails. Focus on interview prep and profile building while they handle the rest.

Creator Economy 

Robert Hatcher (Founders) 

Music Publishing software that streamlines the entire administration process from global registration, royalty collection, accounting, and payouts.

Taylor Humphries (Founder) 

Ranked connects brands to creators for them to get payout for their talents.

Ellie Jamen (Founder)

Wscripted uses AI to fast-track writer and content discovery in Film, TV, and Publishing. Our GenAI Literary Assistant Wscripted+ boosts script and book reviews by 90%.


Glenise Kinard-Moore (Founder) 

SkiiMoo Tech is a firm disrupting norms with advanced tech solutions for underrepresented communities.

Jaime Salcedo  (Founder) 

Painless Picasso perfects numbing solutions for painless procedures like tattooing, piercing, waxing, and laser treatments. Their All Natural, Plant-Based cream is made in the USA at an FDA-regulated facility, meeting GMP standards.

About the Author
Melissa Pegus

Melissa Pegus is the Managing Director of the Techstars Atlanta Accelerator Powered by J.P. Morgan, startup operator, and early-stage investor. During her tenure as a startup operator, Melissa has spent more than a decade scaling startups from pre-revenue through Series C growth, resulting in six acquisitions. As an investor, she focuses on startups that are building the future of Commerce, Consumer, and the Creator Economy.