Techstars Austin Announces August 2023 Class

Aug 14, 2023

By Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director of the Techstars Austin Accelerator

I am very excited to announce our second class of 2023, which kicks off today, August 14th! Before I get into the 12 amazing companies joining us, I want to share a few team updates and upcoming events.

Firstly, we will be running a hybrid program. All of the companies will be together in person during the first two weeks and the last two weeks of the program (which includes an in person Demo Day). We believe the transition to hybrid makes Techstars Austin accessible to more founders, as a 3 month move to Austin is not always possible for candidates we speak to.

Caroline Tosbath and Dani Rose remain full time with me on the Techstars Austin team. Caroline Tosbath, our Investment Manager, focuses on managing our investor and alumni network and works with me on the startup recruiting side. Dani Rose, our Program Manager, is responsible for all program operations and ensures that each founder has an unforgettable and highly valuable experience.

Andy Ambrose, returns to us again as an Operator in Residence working with us on a second program. Colin Gardiner and Jesse Chambers, both seasoned mentors for Techstars Austin, join us for their first time as Operators in Residence. Operators in Residence work hands-on with our companies, focusing on each companies’ goals and objectives during their time at Techstars.

This Thursday, August 17th we are hosting our Meet the Companies Mixer at Inn Cahoots in Austin, Texas. If you want to meet the upcoming class and connect with other members of our startup community, this is the event for you! 

And with that, I’m beyond overjoyed to finally share the Techstars Austin August 2023 Class (aka Austin Fall 2023 Class):  

Artistree- New York, New York

Building the future for digital creators.

BeHuman(e)- Austin, Texas

Building an AI-driven experiential learning platform to help students develop life-success skills.

Bleach Cyber- London, United Kingdom

A cybersecurity platform that helps small and medium businesses get secure and compliant by leveraging the security in their existing technology investments.

College Contact- Charlottesville, Virgina

A peer-to-peer edtech platform that matches high school students to college students for affordable and accessible college advising.

Glüxkind- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

AI powered strollers to make parenting easier starting with mobility.

Legends- New York, New York

Privacy controlled real time preference profiles from phone and photo metadata, helping brands and travelers connect with the right info at the right time.

Profeci - Los Angeles, California

Decision intelligence engine for marketing teams.

Remembrance- Portland, Oregon 

Provides augmented reality to cemeteries so people can remember their loved ones in a more beautiful way.

Superinsight- Los Angeles, California

Generate actionable business insights in 30 seconds.

Tromml- Durham, North Carolina

Tromml optimizes profitability for eCommerce sellers by turning mountains of data into actionable insights

Upgrade Boutique- Houston, Texas

A beauty tech company for custom wigs and SaaS products that enable hair stylists to operate more efficiently.

Zerio- Boston, Massachusetts

Automating global supply chain security compliance.

About the Author
Amos Schwartzfarb

Amos Schwartzfarb is Managing Director of the Techstars Austin Accelerator, and after over 70 seed stage investments, he has become one of the more active early stage investors in all of Texas. Amos is the is the co-author of Levers: The Framework for Building Repeatability Into Your Business, author of Sell More Faster: The Ultimate Sales Playbook for Startups.