Techstars Austin Announces Fall 2022 Class

Aug 29, 2022

By Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director of the Techstars Austin Accelerator

I am very excited to announce our second class of the year…the Techstars Austin 2022 Fall Class which kicks off today, August 29th, 2022. Before I get into the 12 amazing companies joining us, I want to share a few team updates and upcoming events! 

I’ll begin with brief team updates. Caroline Tosbath and Dani Rose remain full time with me on the Techstars Austin team. Caroline Tosbath, as our Program Director, focuses on strategic operations, manages our mentor/investor/alumni network and works with me on the startup recruiting side. Dani Rose, our Program Manager, is responsible for all program operations and ensures that each founder has an unforgettable experience.

Brooke Bains, Autumn Manning, and Lander Coronado-Garcia return to us again as Entrepreneurs in Residence, each working with 4 of the 12 companies. Our Entrepreneurs in Residence are part of our special sauce here in Austin- they work hands on with our companies, guiding them through the program and supporting them in all areas of their business.

We also have some fun things coming up for our community. Techstars Austin Second Thursdays are back up and running. Take a look at our upcoming dates here and come hang out with the new class and the rest of the community.

Finally, our next program kicks off February 2023 and our applications are open

And with that, I’m beyond overjoyed to finally share the Techstars Austin 2022 Fall Class:  

Bob’s Containers

We containerize real estate.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Robert Balderas:


We help people and businesses with too much stuff sell it wholesale to professional resellers in 5 minutes of work.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Kat Tchernavskikh:


Kabila is a co-founder matching app for tech startup founders that matches founders of all backgrounds, and we are a global online founder community.

Connect with Founder & CEO, James Oliver Jr.:


Kouo is an emotion analytics platform that helps product managers build better products faster, by giving them real-time insights into user emotions.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Shaan Bassi:


We help insurance agents manage their sales funnel.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Jason Killings:

OutAt, Inc. 

OutAt is a multimedia company which focuses on education, inclusion and family-friendly fun.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Will Zakrajshek:


PettyGigs gives college students flexible opportunities to earn and invest by connecting them to local businesses.

Connect with Founder & CEO, William Ward:


We produce live shows where local artists are the headliners.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Sean Garris:


Task Management for the Modern Travel Agency.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Kimber Lee Falkinburg:


A leasing and showing automation platform for property management companies and prospects that want to rent homes.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Asif Hussain:


An online marketplace of vetted, verifiably healthy, non-toxic home furnishings.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Jennifer Easton:

Xodus Technologies

A digital neo-banking solution that’s designed to bank African multinationals living and working in the US and other developed countries.

Connect with Founder & CEO, Jelani Sutherland:

About the Author
Amos Schwartzfarb

Amos Schwartzfarb is Managing Director of the Techstars Austin Accelerator, and after over 70 seed stage investments, he has become one of the more active early stage investors in all of Texas. Amos is the is the co-author of Levers: The Framework for Building Repeatability Into Your Business, author of Sell More Faster: The Ultimate Sales Playbook for Startups.