Techstars Austin Fall 2022 Demo Day

Nov 11, 2022

We just wrapped our 13th program in Austin and it’s one for the books. We ran fully in person which reminded us of the incredible connections that are built when our founders get to work alongside each other for 12 weeks. Special thank you to Autumn Manning, Brooke Bains and Lander Coronado-Garcia, our Entrepreneurs in Residence, and our community of mentors, who we could not do this without. 

You can watch the entire Techstars Austin Fall 2022 Demo Day here.

Learn more about the Techstars Austin Fall 2022 class and watch the individual company pitches below: 

Bob’s Containers- Austin, Texas 

We build fast, affordable, and profitable housing solutions from shipping containers.

Watch Bob’s Containers Demo Day Pitch! 


Haulsale- Montreal, Canada

A marketplace to sell your used goods in bulk to professional resellers.

Watch Haulsale’s Demo Day Pitch! 


Kabila- Atlanta, Georgia

Kabila is an inclusive co-founder matching app & global community for tech startup founders.

Watch Kabila’s Demo Day Pitch!


Kouo- London, United Kingdom

Using human emotion to help build more valuable products.

Watch Kouo’s Demo Day Pitch! 


Leadvolt- Miami, Florida

Leadvolt helps insurance agents increase their sales by automating redundant tasks and increasing conversion rates.

Watch Leadvolt’s Demo Day Pitch!


OutAt- Escondido, California

OutAt brings communities together through events & streaming while modernizing entertainment by focusing on diversity, education, & family-friendly fun.

Watch OutAt’s Demo Day Pitch!


PettyGigs- Charlotte, North Carolina

PettyGigs connects businesses to a flexible workforce that is reliable, delivers quality, and is a positive extension of their brands.

Watch PettyGig’s Demo Day Pitch! 


Qoncert- Denver, Colorado

We are an artist accelerator that gives the world the best experience in live independent music.

Watch Qoncert’s Demo Day Pitch! 


SEQUENSE- Austin, Texas

SEQUENSE is a productivity suite for the modern travel agency.

Watch SEQUENSE’S Demo Day Pitch! 


ShowingHero- Chicago, Illinois

ShowingHero automates the residential showing process by coordinating and scheduling showings between property management companies and renters.

Watch ShowingHero’s Demo Day Pitch! 


Sway- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sway makes it easy to create a healthy home by connecting conscious consumers to non-toxic furnishings.

Watch Sway’s Demo Day Pitch! 


Xodus- Charlotte, North Carolina

A digital bank designed for African immigrants living and working in the US and other developed countries.

Watch Xodus’s Demo Day Pitch! 


About the Author
Amos Schwartzfarb

Amos Schwartzfarb is Managing Director of the Techstars Austin Accelerator, and after over 70 seed stage investments, he has become one of the more active early stage investors in all of Texas. Amos is the is the co-author of Levers: The Framework for Building Repeatability Into Your Business, author of Sell More Faster: The Ultimate Sales Playbook for Startups.