Techstars Bangalore Accelerator Class of 2021

May 11, 2021

India's startup community is enjoying its purplest of patches. And Techstars in India is not lagging far behind.  

Building upon the success of Techstars' first two cohorts (2019 and 2020) in India, we are excited to announce our cohort of 2021.

Our themes for this year have been two fold: 

  1. We wanted to invest in Indian companies building software for developed markets (e.g. North America and Europe) 

  2. We wanted to back entrepreneurs who are building affordable solutions for India and other emerging markets   

Techstars' massive global network is ideally set up to help both these sets of entrepreneurs. 

During our search for this cohort, we have been amazed at how - on shoestring budgets - founders have driven down product costs where incumbents have failed, and struck out and secured business from around the world.

Without further ado, we give you the class of Techstars Bangalore 2021!


Asanify is a Human Resources Platform that simplifies HR, Payroll and Salary payments for small businesses in emerging countries, starting with India. Its proprietary AI engine empowers employees to download payslip and check leave balances right on Slack and Whatsapp! In the long run, it aims to leverage its user base in order to cross-sell insurance, credit, investment and tax saving solutions.


EasyLokal is a translation solution that enables businesses in India to localize their mobile apps and websites easily and quickly. They provide cloud-based software tools (APIs, Mobile SDKs & powerful integrations) to completely automate the localization workflows, enabling products to be localized 90% faster.


AfterShoot is creating the ‘Grammarly for Taking Photographs’. In a world where taking pictures has become zeitgeist for expressing oneself, Aftershoot’s product will allow anyone with a smartphone to take pictures as aesthetically and beautifully as a professional photographer. Their ML solution is already being used by 2000 professional photographers globally.

Asvin Tech

Asvin Tech is providing low-cost, high precision 3D scanning solutions to dentists in emerging countries globally. Their solution’s unique design makes them 10x cheaper (and faster) than competing 3D scanners. In the longer run, it will leverage its proprietary technology for oral cancer detection and dental 3D printing solutions


CogniSaaS aims to reduce churn in the enterprise SaaS industry. It helps enterprise SaaS cross-functional teams (Sales, Pre-Sales, Implementation, Customer Success, Product) to collaborate and ensure a customer is delivered maximum value. Its MVP is receiving strong reviews  from closed beta customers

Dara.Network is creating the world’s best alumni engagement platform. It’s a cross between Slack and LinkedIn, and allows alumni to easily engage with fellow alumni from their class, their school and ultimately across schools. It has secured its first few paying customers

General Systems

General Systems is providing robotic solutions for the multi billion dollar global construction industry. Their first product is a robotic arm that builds walls using 50% fewer labourers and 10% lower material costs, and adds significantly to a construction company’s profitability. Their patent-pending design makes them much cheaper and less bulkier than competing robotics solutions


CustomerGlu is a low code platform that helps companies globally solve the $400Bn ‘lost revenue’ opportunity. It enables retention marketers and product managers to easily create interactive workflows that drive user stickiness. The founders launched Glu post-pandemic, and signed up a number of big Indian brands as customers. In a matter of months, they have also made the leap to Western markets, securing customers from the US, LATAM and South East Asia


Xook makes robotic food kiosks for office canteens, college/university campuses and apartment complexes globally. The kiosks provide a massive variety of cuisines, starting with Indian fast food and then Chinese fast food. They are already integrating with office canteen operators and apartment complexes in Bengaluru to provide their first kiosks.