Techstars Boston Doubles Down on Deep Tech and Innovative Marketplaces

Nov 18, 2020

By Clement Cazalot, Managing Director of Techstars Boston

This year, many things look different for everyone, including Techstars Boston. For the first time in five years, we’re hosting two classes in the same year due to the surge of entrepreneurship in New England, and all over the world, amidst Covid.

Over the last several months, we’ve seen our community of mentors and investors show up from across the nation to help us identify the cream of the crop. Now, we’ll all continue leaning in to support the incredible Techstars Boston Winter Class of 2020!

Each of our 10 companies cover a range of Boston’s world class industry themes that we continue to focus on year after year, including: 

Healthcare: From novel PPE (gowns, facemask, hazmat suits) manufacturing and management with AmorSui, to some of the most advanced takes on telepathology and the detection of complex forms of cancer with Crosscope, and novel computational approach to create the drugs and antibodies of tomorrow with the help of AI with EVQLV.

Enterprise Software: Guardara is democratizing the access to one of the most complex subsegments of the cybersecurity market -dynamic code testing- and in the first few weeks of the program already signed their first high profile customer! Resultid is ingesting more data than ever, providing the most comprehensive view for dozens of universities on the value of the technologies and patents they hold.

Geospatial Imaging: From democratizing the access and consumption from large geospatial data sets, to Lunasonde that is literally creating new and unique underground data by scanning the earth with their own satellites.

InsurTech: Boston is one of the major hubs for insurance-related technology, and we are humbled to work with the team at Everyday Life who is revolutionizing how life insurance is sold to the people who need it the most (hint: not the rich white folks demography).

Marketplaces: Machinery Partner is bringing the sale of heavy machinery online for the first time, helping dealers and manufacturers gain clarity on a previously opaque market. Also, Another Lane is bringing a new take to buying streetwear and “dope kicks” online through a membership-only platform, aiming to become the premier destination for sneakerheads and collectors.

Thank you to all the mentors, investors and alumni who helped us assemble this amazing group of founders, namely Seth Hauben, Dipul Patel, Daniel Pfeil, Ramzy Ismail, and Britt Gardner. 

This class represents the diversity of founders, geographies and industries that we strive for. We’re excited to work with three women-led companies, seven founding teams including a person of color in their founding team, and across a span of ages.

With Covid, early founding teams are working remote and are embracing the “digital nomad” way. While all our companies have a strong link to Boston - whether it be through their education, industry or clientele, our founders are participating in our program this winter from all over the globe -  the east coast, west coast, Europe and India.

Welcome to Techstars, Techstars Boston Winter Class of 2020!

Jen & Clement


PPE management and procurement platform

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Another Lane

Digital marketplace for sneaker resellers

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AI-powered digital pathology software to redefine clinical diagnostics

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Machinery Partner

The world’s first digital dealership of construction and heavy machinery

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Everyday Life

Using technology to make life insurance smarter and more inclusive 

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EVQLV uses AI to accelerate biological drug testing

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Real-time geospatial intelligence for an evolving world 

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We help companies find critical security issues in complex environments 

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Unlocks the value of early stage technologies

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Lunasonde provides revolutionary technology to explore resources both on Earth and in Space

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