Techstars Boston Summer Class 2022 Accelerates Investor Interest

May 18, 2022

The Techstars Boston Accelerator program kicked off this week in a way that has never been done before raising over five million in investor interest on day one of the program.

This week, 12 early-stage companies joined the Techstars Boston Accelerator as part of the summer class. The vision of the class is to save lives, address climate change and help fund companies that are quintessentially Wicked Awesome. Managing Director, Gregory Raiz, went on to say, “Wicked Awesome is about leaning into the strengths of the Boston ecosystem, our amazing universities, hospital network and deep-technology history. I wanted to attract companies that could thrive here.”  

While the Techstars program has funded thousands of startups and many unicorn level companies such as PillPack, SendGrid and DigitalOcean, this was the first time that a class kicked off a fundraising activity on day one of the program. Traditionally, Techstars generates investor interest at demo day but in the spirit of acceleration, “I wanted to turbo-charge our program and give our companies jet fuel to accelerate them off of the starting line,” said Gregory Raiz. 

Techstars Boston partnered with Stonks, a new investment platform, to introduce the class.  The platform allowed the companies to have broader visibility across the community while providing a pathway for investors to engage with the companies at the program launch.  Within hours of the event, the companies had generated over 5.4M in initial investor interest and engagements on the very first day.  View the portfolio here. 

John Hancock, co-founder of Stonks, developed the platform to ease investing. “We love Techstars and the incredibly well-prepared founders who graduate from the program. It alwmakes for a high-quality event for investors.”

Companies in the cohort represent a diverse set of ideas, geographies and founder backgrounds.  Companies include Med-Tech, healthcare, Food-tech, Sustainability, 3D Printing, Crypto, SaaS, Mental Health and more. 

The Boston accelerator is the second oldest accelerator in the Techstars network. First founded in 2009, the program has produced billions in economic value, and a community of entrepreneurs which has participated in both the local and global economy. 

Special thanks to our partners, mentors, and alumni who help make Techstars Boston successful.  

Introducing the incoming companies for Techstars Boston 2022:

Candle Finance

Boston, Massachusetts

Candle lets people living paycheck to paycheck save money without budgeting. Candle helps people who struggle with finances see all their money in one place; see their runway and get action items while investing in high-yield, low-risk DeFi strategies that beat inflation.

Corventive Health Technologies

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Corventive Health provides SaaS based technology giving better care coordination and treatment for cardiac patients and reducing sudden heart attack deaths for patients with undiagnosed cardiovascular disease.

Hera Health Solutions

Memphis, Tennessee

Hera Health Solutions produces a pharmaceutical biodegradable device that provides long-acting dosing by combining existing drugs in combination with FDA-approved structural materials.

High Time Foods

Boston, Massachusetts

High Time Foods provides shelf-stable and moldable plant-based meat alternatives to food service operators. Their first product is a plant-based chicken alternative that does not require refrigeration. The product is moldable and can be used in any cuisine as a substitute for chicken.   

KnowRx Health

Austin, Texas

knowRX Health optimizes clinical recruitment for clinical trials by driving better health outcomes for broad communities and minimizing readmissions due to medication side-effects.


New York, New York

LegacyShift is a market network platform that smart-matches members with experts for skills training, mentorship, and career support, and offers ondemand video MentorClasses from industry leaders.   

Markit Social

Boston, Massachusetts 

Markit has built a Tinder-style event discovery platform to connect independent artists and performers with people looking for local in-person experiences. Event creators use Markit to promote to new audiences and engage their previous event attendees. It’s fun, it’s social and makes finding things to do simple.

Marli Technology Solutions

Melbourne, Australia

Marli offers companies the opportunity to participate in the carbon markets, actively support environmental projects and offset emissions using high quality, pre-vetted carbon tokens. The technology uses a unique mix of cryptography, green blockchain and artificial intelligence.


Pantheon Design

Vancouver, Canada

Pantheon is designing and making 3D printers that are 5X faster, with no compromise to part resolution, accuracy or quality.  Using custom filament with material innovations allows for improved performance and more reliable prints.



Seattle, Washington

Thrivelution helps match mental health patients to the right counselor. The matching program ensures high-quality matches creating better utilization for therapists and better outcomes for patients. The tool allows both the counselor and the client the freedom to focus on the journey to wellness.


Denver, Colorado

What OpenTable did for restaurants and their reservations, ToMarket is doing for food distributors and their ordering. ToMarket connects real-time inventory, products, prices, and chef's' favorites vendors all in one place. This gives all of the purchasers in an organization clarity, communication, and access to local, fresher, and more consistent products.


Boston, Massachusetts

VivorCare is the first virtual survivorship clinic providing whole-person care and community to survivors of critical illness, starting with cancer. The north star is ensuring that any survivor who needs care is able to access it, with interventions designed to reduce disparities in survivorship outcomes.