Techstars Boulder Accelerator Announces Summer Class of 2023

Jul 10, 2023

Boulder, Colorado  (July 10, 2023)

We are thrilled to officially unveil the next 12 remarkable companies participating in the Techstars Boulder Summer 2023 Program.  

The companies in this cohort will be joining us from Colorado, California, New Mexico, New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in addition to one company from Toronto, Canada. While there is still a strong FinTech representation among the latest investments, companies in this program span a variety of industries including LegalTech, Future of Work, HRTech, Cybersecurity, Insurtech, Construction, Ecommerce, and WealthTech. In this class, we've already noticed three strong themes; each company displays a remarkable blend of vision, earned insights into the problems they are solving, and disruptive solutions that position them as future industry leaders.

Techstars Boulder, the original Techstars Accelerator, has now backed 196 companies who have gone on to raise over $2 billion in capital since launching in 2007. With our proven track record we will be doubling down on what we do best, helping companies in getting to product-market fit faster through world-class mentorship and timely support throughout the discovery and growth stages of the business. 

As a Colorado native, I am excited to build upon the formula that has made Techstars Boulder alums successful by connecting founders to the best and brightest that the Techstars Boulder ecosystem has to offer. Our mentor pool, with over 110 mentors actively supporting this summer program, is as strong as ever and continues to be the key ingredient to the companies’ success in the program. We’re so grateful to have so many successful entrepreneurs, investors and subject matter experts share their expertise and wisdom with the companies throughout the 13-week accelerator and beyond. 

I am also beyond thrilled to be joining the skilled team of Techstars Boulder Staff (most of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past) led by Kallie Beebe, Sylvia Bouloutas, Sayles Day, Jonathan Fenzke, Keith Gruen, and Allie Lawn. 

Without further ado, please join us in welcoming these incredible founders to Techstars!

- Malte Witt, Managing Director

Approva - Helps mortgage brokers and alternative lenders fund more mortgages in record time.

Approveit - For Financial Controllers / VPs of Finance who want to streamline vendor onboarding, invoice processing, and ensure compliance, Approveit provides an AI-powered solution for efficient and compliant workflows.

Brief - For consumers and relationship-based businesses navigating legalese in everyday contracts, Brief is a personalized platform that uses data to create a secure, transparent, and easy way to understand what they are signing, fast.  

Byte Detection - For risk and compliance teams, Byte Detection is a real-time fraud detection solution.

Dapple Security - The first passwordless login that is truly phishing-resistant and purpose-built for enterprises.

Joyn - Orchestrates workflows across the stack that employees already do their best work in by using AI to automate repetitive tasks and adopt new workflows without friction. - For General Contractors seeking to stay competitive in the market, offers an AI-powered platform that utilizes data analysis to expedite bid evaluations, enabling contractors to enhance their competitiveness, minimize risks, and secure more successful projects.

Parlay - A B2B SaaS platform that creates new loan approval pathways for underserved small business borrowers, and generates unique alternative creditworthiness scoring based on applicant progress.

Rockhopper - For financial professionals who have difficulty collaborating, streamlining workflows, and accessing institutional knowledge, Rockhopper makes it easier for them to understand and track processes, increase transparency, and saves time executing tedious work.

SnapRefund - Digital payment platform that empowers insurance businesses by streamlining the claims process for claims teams and their insureds.

Sotira - A customizable and integrated financial tracking tool to help ecommerce businesses and online resellers maximize profitability by making informed and data-driven choices for pricing and listing their products.

Testimonial IQ - Helps financial advisors take control of their digital presence by providing a compliance-based solution for generating client reviews, social proof, and marketing content.

About the Author
Malte Witt

Malte Witt is the Managing Director for the Techstars Boulder Accelerator. Since joining Techstars in 2019, Malte has backed over 80 companies in addition to launching the Techstars Miami Accelerator powered by JP Morgan. Malte is a Colorado native and backs founders across any vertical that meet two criteria: 1) Founder-market/problem fit and 2) Founders who have a demonstrated ability to experiment, learn, and iterate quickly.