Techstars Boulder Announces Summer Class 2022

Jul 18, 2022

For the first time in Techstars Boulder history, we focused on accepting companies in a specific vertical, Fintech. As the leading category in venture capital investment, Fintech is not a trendy investment, it is a critical category - constantly evolving (out of necessity and pain), and can create more value impact than any other category. Simply put, it makes the world go round, and we are thrilled to introduce you to 12 companies on the forefront of the category. 

This class is diverse in origin and experience. The companies are mostly domestic with the exception of one company coming out of Mexico City. We span the US from San Francisco to New York and everywhere in between with Ohio and New Mexico to name a few. Our founders also have a breadth of experiences. One of our founders has been building her company since the age of 13, and two have held C-level positions at multi-billion dollar companies. Our class is an even split of consumer and commercial businesses and spans Fintech categories from blockchain infrastructure to consumer impact. 

As we just spent the last 48 hours together in person, I am thrilled to share there is no lack of grit amongst this group. They’re putting it all on the table to solve problems for which they are intensely passionate, and they are diving in.

So without further delay, please join me in welcoming the first ever Techstars Boulder Fintech Class!


Mexico City, MX

For women in LatAm struggling to become financially independent, Agovest allows women to build wealth through personalized and hassle-free financial experiences and education.


San Francisco, CA

For real estate risk managers who lack actionable insights, Builty provides unified intelligence of building permit data.


Santa Cruz, CA

For Gen Z & Millennials struggling with climate-anxiety, Climatize provides a mobile app where they can simply invest the spare change from their everyday credit card purchases directly in profitable climate projects. Climatize takes all the thinking out of climate action.


New York, NY

For consumer-facing blockchain applications that struggle with indexing, formatting, and serving complex blockchain data, Coherent provides easy-to-use APIs for human-readable, contextual blockchain data.

Ganymede Games

Las Cruces, NM

For adult gamers with busy lives, Ganymede builds bite-sized episodic games.


Columbus, OH

For brands that are unable to bridge their gift card program with their loyalty program, GiftPocket provides engagement opportunities through a consumer facing digital wallet.


Austin, TX

For home buyers and sellers frustrated with the time and money spent on the traditional mortgage process, HonestDeed offers a seller financing platform, cutting out banks and putting more money in pockets.


Reston, VA

For banks trying to digitize their offerings, Konduit is an embedded fintech platform that allows banks to quickly onboard and implement 3rd party fintech solutions.



For the technology procurement market struggling with offline payments and complex billings, LendARR provides a digital payments platform that modernizes the way businesses buy and sell technology.


New York, NY

For insurance companies that have limited client data to effectively compete in life, disability and long term care products, Pilotbird provides out-of-the-box lifestyle analytics to accurately determine risk, price policies and detect fraudulent claims.


Cleveland, OH

For traditional financial institutions struggling to lend to small businesses, Presta provides digital lending infrastructure that allows them to spend less time managing the lending process and more time on relationships that differentiate them from their competitors.



For the 100 million consumers with no credit or bad credit, Upwardli provides intuitive and affordable credit improvement products.

About the Author
Elle Bruno

Managing Director Elle Bruno spent 20 years building venture backed start-ups and is passionate about supporting founders as they navigate their way to success. She has an affinity for investing in Fintech and products that make meaningful impact in solving real world problems.