Techstars First Accelerator in India: Announcing the Inaugural Class

February 3rd, 2019

The first Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator to be held in India, Techstars Bangalore Accelerator, kicks off today, Monday, February 4, 2019 in Bangalore, and will culminate in a Demo Day on May 2, 2019. Following a highly competitive process that included meetings with hundreds of entrepreneurs from 30 countries around the world, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve narrowed our class to 10 outstanding companies that will be joining us for our inaugural class.

Techstars Bangalore Accelerator is not just our first in India—it’s also the first Techstars program dedicated to supporting startups which are addressing emerging markets opportunities. The companies come from sectors including Drone Delivery Logistics, Pharma Tech, and Environmental Data. The breadth and capabilities of these companies speaks to the potential of rapidly growing emerging markets startup ecosystems such as India, and their ability to address issues which affect billions of people around the world.

Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and through this network, we’ve cultivated a strong community of local and global mentors to help make this program thrive. We’re grateful to have the support of some fantastic entrepreneurs and leaders from Bangalore and around the world, who will be volunteering their time and attention over the course of the next few months to help drive this select group of startups towards success.

The Techstars Bangalore Accelerator 2019 companies


Real-time hyper-local environment intelligence using mobile and static sensors, deployed at scale.


Cross platform devtools (IDEs) for developers to code on mobile, tablet, and desktops.


Expanding India’s mobility options for intercity travel


Enhancing pharmaceutical compliance across production, R&D, supply chain.


World’s first B2B trading exchange for certified diamonds. Think Nasdaq for diamonds.


Employee loans for low-income workforce, enabled through employers.


Sri Lanka’s largest digital healthcare platform, connecting doctors and patients via mobile applications to make medical care accessible and affordable at scale.


Cargo delivery service using hybrid Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) drones to make last-mile logistics cheaper, faster, and on-demand.


AI powered visual dubbing tool to help video content producers reach a multilingual audience at a fraction of reproduction cost.


A communication platform that enables manufacturing and engineering companies to reduce wasted time and errors in cross-functional collaboration.

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