Techstars Iowa Accelerator Announces 2021 Class

Jul 19, 2021

By Kerty Levy, Managing Director of the Techstars Iowa Accelerator

We’re so excited to announce the 10 companies joining the Techstars Iowa Accelerator. These companies are impacting a variety of industries, with extraordinary founders joining our 2021 program from Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, and Ontario, Canada.

Our partners, Grinnell College, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University continue to unlock new opportunities for our startup companies, our program, and the Iowa entrepreneurial ecosystem overall. The 2021 class is accompanied by our inaugural 2020 class, as well as, a remarkable collection of supportive mentors, investors, and the global Techstars network.

Managing Director, Kerty Levy, is thrilled to welcome new members to the Techstars Iowa Accelerator team this year! Ben McDougal has joined as our Entrepreneur in Residence, with a focus on Ecosystem Development. Aadira Aai-Arivudai has joined as Lead Operations Associate, Patrick Foster is our Business Analyst Associate, and Alyx Sandbothe is our Design/UI/UX Lead Associate. This entire team is optimized and dedicated to supporting, connecting, and accelerating founders to ensure their companies are built to go big.

As a changing world embraces our connected era, we’re optimistic about the next wave of innovative entrepreneurs building advanced technology to solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

Introducing our 2021 class for the Techstars Iowa Accelerator!


Built by surgeons, is an AI surgical workflow instrument for efficient surgery management –


A freight marketplace that connects retailers who need to ship heavy goods to underutilized trucks heading in the direction the load is going; Item hitchhiking – 

Small Packages

Ends loneliness by helping people build, track, and celebrate relationships –


Provides access to legal services on-demand from anywhere, at anytime –


An AI-powered note taking platform that generates intuitive, well-organized meeting minutes and action items right after a call –

Out Of The Box

Creates meaningful learning experiences for children, by combining hands-on hardware with software learning tools –


A career discovery and development platform for new-collar workers –


Provides the Latino population mental health support with accessible, inclusive and supportive services sensitive to language and cultural needs –


Helps companies win at marketing - by automating workflows with a wide network of creators and influencers who provide original, specifically targeted content –


The conversation design platform for teams that want to build better voice and chat apps –

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