Techstars London Turns Ten, and Introduces Twelve New Companies

Sep 10, 2021

By Eamonn Carey, Managing Director of Techstars London

I started mentoring at Techstars on their first program here in London in 2013, and it’s my absolute pleasure to be the MD for the tenth edition of our city program here. In a month that our alumni companies Didimo and Kencko appeared in Wired’s hottest startups in Europe, it’s fitting that we introduce the companies that will be appearing in similar lists in the future. This year, we had a bumper crop of applications from a record number of countries around the world - and I’m really excited to reveal the twelve that will be joining us here in London over the next 13 weeks.

Asset Reality

Law enforcement agencies have no IT solutions for effectively tracking, managing and selling seized crypto assets. Asset Reality's platform will provide a combined case management solution and online asset manager tool to solve these problems. 


Awabah is a digital pension platform for self-employed Africans.


There are so many meaningful memories, emotions, and wisdom that get lost and forgotten in our everyday conversations. We made the process of capturing and revisiting those moments effortless. 

With Vibes, rather than looking back at the selfie you took on your first date with your partner, you’ll be able to re-listen to what you were talking about that day. Rather than looking back at an old photo with your dad, you’ll be able to hear his voice and revisit the deepest conversations you had with him.


Dimensions will be the go-to 'decision intelligence' platform for product-led teams. Today's teams are drowning in tools and data (ave.100+) and Product Managers in particular lose way too much time context switching to find the right data and insights. For our users it'll be the difference between making a high-quality decision in minutes and spending hours or even days aggregating and analyzing information. In the future we’ll expand beyond Product Managers; becoming the operational infrastructure layer for every company.


Kindora is Europe's platform for premium resale and overstock children's goods.  We're changing the way a generation spends to get the best for their family.

Legal Nodes

Legal Nodes is an innovative platform that takes difficult legal services and unbundles them into understandable legal products that can be connected online and managed in the cloud. The lawtech solution is being developed primarily with the fast-growing tech companies in mind, to help them easily and quickly outsource legal work without hiring an in-house lawyer. For lawyers, it’s an opportunity to sell their services online for a fixed monthly fee and have access to a personal online dashboard to manage their workflow.


We at NITL have the vision to redefine news content consumption and news monetization to empower people and give them access to short format intellectually stimulating content. Instead of cluttering with ads, we ask for opinions through market research tools.


ProGrad enables lenders to win profitable market share through a disruptive technology that identifies younger customers’ future earnings. Established lenders can protect and grow their market share, and challengers can bring a differentiated student lending proposition to market.

Through its AI-enabled, compliant and explainable credit scoring technology ProGrad goes beyond simple credit history and provides financial institutions with a clear picture of a younger person’s potential. The use of a unique algorithm incorporating future earnings projections enables lenders to underwrite low-cost, sustainable financing.


Settld simplifies end of life admin for bereaved individuals and professionals. Our SaaS solution automates death notifications to over 750 organisations in one form, requests account closure or transfer in one go, and centralises important information with real time status tracking in one place.


Skindays is an online beauty marketplace enabling customers to discover and shop skincare products perfect for their specific skin. The business is founded by Farfetch Ecommerce experts with a deep understanding of the market and passion for the product.

The skincare market is huge, at $148bn, yet there is a real hole in the market for a go-to online platform bridging the gap between the offline (in store) and online customer experience and support.

Skindays bridges that gap by offering customers a marketplace with a complete selection of both established and niche  brands, educational content, as well as a strong focus on personnalisation with an advanced skincare test, personalised recommendations & rankings as well as a "Spotify for skincare" customer account.

Toucan Events 

Toucan is a platform designed for communities that share a common interest. Unlike traditional video conferencing platforms, which are static and lead to awkward social situations, Toucan allows for multiple flexible group conversations at once. The platform's dynamism helps you build meaningful relationships with your community online.


UMA uses video games to create engaging and memorable learning experiences for pre-teens and teens. Our long-term vision is to build a platform where middle and high school students will learn all core school subjects and critical skills by playing our games. We are currently building our first offering, a mobile game where players learn the basics of Algebra and mathematical thinking through an applied and visual lens.