Techstars Miami Powered By J.P. Morgan Announces Inaugural Class of 2022

Sep 12, 2022

We are excited to announce the inaugural class of companies joining Techstars Miami powered by J.P. Morgan, the first ever Techstars class in Miami. 

The selected companies span verticals and industries, including Fintech, Proptech, Healthcare, SaaS, E-Commerce, Blockchain, Aerospace, and Edtech. 

These companies stood out from the rest due to their deep understanding of customer pain and extraordinary ability to execute quickly. Founders will join the program throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Africa. 

Meet the companies who make up the inaugural class of Techstars Miami powered by J.P. Morgan:

Aerialoop - Replaces expensive middle-mile delivery and warehouses with drone flight loops. Aerialoop has already completed over twenty thousand deliveries. 

Allison - Makes launching fintech products easy by integrating with community banks and credit unions through their low-code platform. 

Ambana - Offers fractional ownership of rental properties to the growing middle class in Latin America. 

ClinicBox - helps the two million healthcare providers in Mexico reduce patient onboarding times through automation. 

DocNexus - Shortens go-to-market for pharmaceuticals by connecting them with stakeholders across the ecosystem. 

DocokidsBuilt by two pediatricians, Docokids enables parents, caregivers, and schools to access pediatricians 24/7 through WhatsApp. Healthcare. 

FynOps -  Automates accounting for the millions of small businesses selling products across platforms online.

Official- Enables consumers to earn shares of the Brands they Love. 

Second Degree - Helps companies recruit remote engineers through a peer-to-peer referral network.  

Talisman - Automates IT services for cloud companies allowing them to manage their tools and workflows without adding the extra headcount. 

Topset - For the 150 million African students, Topset provides easy and affordable access to personalized online tutoring and e-learning. 

Vaale - Offers a buy-now-pay-later solution that allows consumers throughout Latin America to buy groceries and daily essentials without worrying about predatory loans or living paycheck to paycheck. 

Our mentors continue to be one of the keys to the success of the companies in the program. They include some of the best and brightest from the Miami area, and with the hybrid structure of the program, we will have mentors supporting our founders from Europe and throughout the Americas. We are grateful that many successful entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts are open to sharing their expertise and wisdom with the companies. 

About Techstars Miami 

Techstars Miami, Powered by J.P. Morgan, focuses on accelerating founders' efforts in finding product-market fit, fundraising, and recruiting. 

Open to founders of all backgrounds, the program is designed to provide equitable access to funding and support with a concentrated focus on attracting Black, Hispanic and Latino, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs.