Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan reveals 2024 Spring Class

Mar 11, 2024

Techstars Miami announces the Spring Class of 2024. Companies selected span across a wide range of industries that include Healthcare, PropTech, Enterprise SaaS, Developer Tools, LegalTech, and Fintech. 

“We selected startups based on three criteria; A deep understanding of customer pain, a demonstrated ability to execute quickly and the potential for a $1bn+ revenue business,” said Andres Barreto, Managing Director of Techstars Miami. 

Techstars Miami focuses on helping founders reach product-market-fit faster.   

Each of the 12 selected companies brings unique ideas and approaches to their respective industries, and with the support of Techstars Miami, they have the opportunity to accelerate their growth and reach their full potential. Meet the 12 companies that are embarking on their journey in the Magic City:  

Astronuts: Analytics and insights for software engineering. AI monitoring tools for developers to spot, fix, and ship high-quality code faster. 

aXumption: Financial operations realized through simulations. Axumption's simulation engine predicts cloud/SaaS expenses from code and architecture, enabling precise OPEX planning and cost control for companies.

BuildrFi: Construction finances made simple.  BuildrFi streamlines construction financial workflows with automated payment processes and embedded liquidity solutions like pay app advances and materials financing.

Docufi: Finance deliverables and connectivity powered by AI.  Docufi is ending the Wall Street 100-hour work-week, reducing time to market by 80% and time to close by 50% with LLMs that can perform at a first-year analyst level and soon advance to VP-level capability.

Easylex: EasyLex offers business-in-a-box with click-easy legal services. Easylex streamlines company formation, trademark, agreement drafting, negotiation, compliance, and electronic signatures for law firms and businesses in LatAm. 

H+Trace: AI for healthcare supply chain optimization  2 out of 3 diagnostic errors occur before the sample reaches the laboratory. H+Trace uses sensors and AI to prevent errors in the supply chain.

Parcel AI: Analyze zoning codes and generate building scenarios Parcel AI provides software that analyzes city zoning codes and generates building scenarios to unleash efficiency for real estate developers and architects.

Semanttic: The AI copilot for UX prototyping

Semanttic's AI Copilot simplifies UX prototyping for enterprise IT, reducing design and user acceptance costs in the $240bn enterprise application development market.

Teral: Secure chat and clinical case repository for doctors Teral offers a secure platform for doctors to collect, share clinical cases, and communicate within a private global community of healthcare professionals while ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

TestSprite - Fully Automated AI-Powered End-to-End Testing. Testsprite accelerates software testing with AI, generating test cases, expected behaviors, and simulations to identify errors and a final report.

Tuily: Expense management and access to capital for SMBs in LatAm Tuily is an SMB credit card and expense management tool focused on the 70% of SMBs in LatAm that don’t have business credit cards.

Valarix: Lending marketplace on AI-driven tax software Valarix connects to tax agencies and integrates with accounting software to automatically calculate taxes and offer lending products.