Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan Accelerator Announces Spring Class of 2024

Mar 11, 2024

Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan Accelerator Announces Spring Class of 2024

Short Description: The Techstars New York City powered by J.P Morgan accelerator is proud to announce the 12 startups selected for the spring Class of 2024. These promising, early-stage companies, led by a diverse set of founders, are building tech-powered solutions across a broad range of exciting categories from Health to Cybersecurity to Manufacturing. 

March 11, 2024

NEW YORK CITY (March 11, 2024) – Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan is proud to announce the 12 startups selected from a highly competitive pool of applications for the spring Class of 2024. These promising, early-stage companies are addressing challenges related to Health, Personal Finance, Future of Work, Legal Representation, Supply Chain, Media & Entertainment, Hospitality and more. 

We're excited to join Techstars and immerse ourselves in a community that shares our passion for innovation and defying the status quo. This accelerator provides a unique opportunity to elevate Rally-ai as we revolutionize how businesses navigate bureaucracies by leveraging community engagement to drive revenue initiatives.

- Alex Gabriel, Co-Founder and CEO, Rally

Open to founders of all backgrounds, Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan is designed to provide equitable access to funding and support for Black, Hispanic and Latino, Indigenous American and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs located anywhere building startups that aspire to make humanity and the planet healthier and wealthier.

“We are ecstatic to join the Techstars family. This partnership represents much more than just support and capital; it's a powerful affirmation of our vision to revolutionize global access to legal services. With Techstars' backing, we're poised to redefine the legal landscape, ushering in a new era of efficiency, accessibility, and innovation in the legal industry.”

- Andrew Guzman, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenLaw

Taking place in New York City’s thriving tech ecosystem, the three month mentorship-driven program, focusing on startup strategy, execution excellence, and investor readiness, is bringing together founders from across the United States and Mexico, with a curated group of mentors to support them and accelerate their pace. 

“We are excited to welcome the spring class of 2024 to the Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan Accelerator,” said Keith Camhi, Managing Director for the program. “This talented group of founders demonstrates tremendous potential and we’re excited to provide the support, tools, and network to help them succeed.”

The program concludes with a Demo Day in the heart of New York City, where founders will have an opportunity to pitch their businesses to a community of mentors and potential investors.

Introducing our spring 2024 class for the Techstars NYC powered by J.P. Morgan accelerator!

  • Crema (Mexico City, Mexico)

A financial and operating infrastructure for International freelancers that helps freelancers get paid from anyone, anywhere in the world, and access financial products to help them grow their business.

ERP365 offers SMBs an all-in-one AI-powered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with out-of-the-box integration, simplifying the management of finances, inventory, CRM, HR, and operations.

AI-tailored, made-to-fit shoes—making footwear size-inclusive

  • Komi (New York, NY) 

Komi is an AI-powered, chef-driven, and dietitian-vetted platform that empowers people with chronic illness to cook their own healthy, delicious meals at home with plans that are optimized for their tastes, lifestyle, and medical needs.  

An AI-powered legal marketplace designed to help people quickly find legal representation and save money, while providing lawyers a platform for efficient and vetted client acquisition.

Plata is modernizing financial access for unbanked Latinos in the US, making it faster, cheaper, and safer to access hard-earned wages and send money abroad to loved ones.

Rally AI supercharges business advocacy efforts by deploying AI to build coalitions of public support around initiatives that drive revenue.

Runway makes it more convenient, affordable and accessible to obtain prescription medications and vaccines for common travel needs.

Recepta offers businesses a fast API service for generating digital receipts, with customization options available at an additional cost.

Sparc is a professional social platform and SaaS-Enabled talent marketplace helping college students/young professionals get hired, develop professionally, and make money.

The digital storefront for soccer teams powered by personalized, AI-curated content for fans that drives relevant eCommerce recommendations and sales

Automated booking platform for wedding packages with business management solutions for venue operators, photographers, caterers, and event coordinators.

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