Techstars NYC Class of Spring 2022

Apr 11, 2022

By KJ Singh, Managing Director of the Techstars NYC Accelerator

Today marks the start of the Spring 2022 Techstars NYC Accelerator Program. This NYC program is very near and dear to my heart: nearly a decade ago, I started my Techstars journey at this very program where I had the privilege of supporting 115 companies and several hundred founders on their entrepreneurial journeys. This upcoming program also marks an opportunity for us to be in person joined by a diverse group of founders from across the globe.

This year we received applications from over 48 countries and ultimately selected a group of global founders that hail from Nigeria, Israel, France, Cameroon, Canada and cities in the US including Dallas, New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and Princeton.

We had a very competitive application pool and selecting these 12 companies was extremely difficult. The companies joining us in this year’s class are helping solve many issues - from tools enabling financial wellness, to technology fostering better health outcomes and solutions to make supply chains more efficient and green. These companies will help guide us through life post-pandemic.

We will be sharing more about each company in the weeks leading up to the end of the program in late June, but for now please join us in welcoming the Techstars NYC Class of Spring 2022!


Bucephalus is a supply chain ops platform that empowers the millions of fast-growing e-commerce brands to move products faster, cheaper, and more sustainably using AI.


Canopie's digital platform provides new moms with personalized, evidence-based therapeutic techniques to prevent and address symptoms of maternal depression and anxiety.


Habitual is a suite of community-based financial products that power spending and savings decisions.


Jimo enables product teams to connect and engage directly with end users during all aspects of the product life cycle including ideation and design via a powerful notification center and smart newsfeed.


Newt is a digital platform that promotes a healthier, fitter you by providing tailored daily support from certified nutritionists based on behavioral science.


Pills2Me is a mobile app that provides on demand prescription delivery service for users from any pharmacy.

Smart MS3

Smart MS3 is a wearable biofeedback solution that provides objective, real-time metrics to maximize adherence and efficacy of Physical Therapy.

The Fetchery

The Fetchery is a group of ecommerce brands for dog owners, providing tailored products, information and community for their breed specific needs.


Torche enables customers in Africa to make payments and other transactions with their fingerprint through biometric POS terminals, leading to increased payment success rates versus incumbent technology.


Vesti is a NeoBank that provides financial services, information and community for the 272 million international migrants who do not have access to banking.


Vitract is the first digital health practice that offers highly-personalized holistic treatment plans for mental illness which focus on the treatment of the illness' underlying causes rather than its symptoms, using in-depth lab testing, and personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


Voyance is a no code data infrastructure platform that makes data teams more productive by automating complex data processes such as data engineering, lakehouses/data warehouse and analytics.