Techstars Oakland Powered by J.P. Morgan Announces Spring 2024 Class

Mar 12, 2024

OAKLAND (March 12, 2024)

Techstars Oakland powered by J.P. Morgan is proud to announce its latest cohort of 24 startups. They are deeply connected to their problem, obsessed with their customers, and take pride in continuous learning. 

Our mission here extends beyond nurturing these promising ventures; we’re also dedicated to investing in Oakland's growth and creating a significant impact on The Town. Techstars Oakland offers unparalleled mentorship, resources, and support, with the goal of not only accelerating these startups' growth, but also contributing to Oakland's economic and social progress.

Embracing diversity and inclusion within the startup ecosystem is a cornerstone of our philosophy at Techstars Oakland. We are committed to backing founders from underrepresented groups, recognizing that true innovation transcends traditional barriers. Our dedication to nurturing a diverse array of entrepreneurs underscores this belief.

Our partnership with J.P. Morgan emphasizes this commitment. They acknowledge the critical role that diversity and inclusion play in fostering innovation and growth, providing a comprehensive range of services including banking, wealth management, and advisory solutions. Together, our efforts are aimed at not only fostering successful startups, but at cultivating a more inclusive and innovative future for Oakland and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Join us at our Demo Day on May 30th, 2024 to see all that they have accomplished over the next three months. And now, without further delay, let's introduce the Spring Class of 2024 at Techstars Oakland powered by J.P. Morgan! 


Afford Health (San Francisco, CA)

Helping patients plan, track, and manage out-of-pocket medical bills.

AWEAR Technologies (San Francisco, CA)

Wearable health tracker for mental wellness - measuring brain waves through a strip/patch attachable to glasses and other headwear.

Cicada (Los Angeles, CA)

Helping live musicians earn more money by selling directly to audiences + real-time broadcasted interactives (like singalong lyrics and CTAs).

Circle+ (Wilmington, DE)

Due diligence, investment analytics, and fundraising platform for startup ecosystem in Africa - built around a Crunchbase-esque database of startups, founders, and VCs.

ClubReq (Phoenix, AZ)

Hiring platform with a focus on speedy turnaround from application to interview.

DubPrime (San Jose, CA)

Inclusive & explainable AI underwriting.

Goohaus (Santiago, Chile)

Turns your home layout + decorative style into shopping carts of furniture and home goods by connecting with retailers' APIs. Sells to retailers (e.g. Walmart) through white label SaaS.

GyftGram (New York City, NY)

Digital gift cards and loyalty programs for restaurants and identity verification system for guests to eliminate fraud.

Korzo Inc (Palo Alto, CA)

AI financial advisor for individuals.

LexIQ (Washington, DC)

Helping legal departments process, review, and understand details on commercial real estate agreements using generative AI.

Lexir (Lisbon, Portugal)

Direct to consumer distribution and sales for independent alcohol brands.

LocumDoc (London, UK)

Connecting hospitals with temporary doctors to ensure adequate and consistent staffing.

Paayj (Los Angeles, CA)

An AI wearable that intelligently sends money, tracks purchases, gamifies financial behavior, and removes money as a friction factor in human relationships.

Pair Anything Inc (Davis, CA)

Increasing retail wine sales by providing a digital assistant for their shoppers with wine pairing.

Positive Finance (San Francisco, CA)

Platform for employees to save and invest in sustainability and impact programs; selling via ESG consulting firms and impact networks.

Regfyl (Lagos, Nigeria)

Compliance software for financial institutions in Africa to combat crime.

Rondah AI (Toronto, Canada)

Rondah is an AI receptionist for dental practices.

Runbear (Seoul, South Korea)

Low-code builder (= Zapier) for developers working with LLMs to integrate with Slack, Zendesk, email, etc.

ThryftShip (Athens, GA)

Commercial shipping for Instagram second-hand sellers and small businesses.

Travaras (San Jose, CA)

Marketplace for ecotourism, connecting conscious consumers to sustainable travel operators with a primary focus on the Hawaii islands.

Trinium Labs (San Jose, CA)

Simplifying complex financial indicators to make trading decisions easier for novice and pro investors.

TUX  (New York City, NY)

Protection for RSU compensation.

Webvizio (Pittsburgh, PA)

Helping web design studios cut client revision and communication time with AI-powered workflows.

Xsauce (Atlanta, GA)

Retail investors investing in sneakers.

About the Author
Neal Sáles-Griffin

Neal Sales-Griffin is an entrepreneur, investor and educator. He is currently the Managing Director of Techstars accelerator programs across San Francisco (powered by eBay), Oakland (powered by J.P. Morgan), and Chicago. Over the past 4 years, he has made 100+ investments in early-stage technology startups. He made his name in the startup world back in 2011, when he founded Code Academy, the nation’s first coding bootcamp. Since his exit, Neal has continued to promote change — from running for Mayor of Chicago, to serving on the board of several non-profit foundations. Neal also teaches entrepreneurship at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and McCormick School of Engineering.