Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth Announces Inaugural Class of 2022

Sep 15, 2022

By Trey Bowles, Managing Director of the Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth Accelerator 

We are excited to welcome these 10 amazing companies to the inaugural Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth Accelerator.

This program has all the makings of an incredible tech accelerator. First, this is the world’s first Physical Health accelerator. Second, we are bringing a Techstars world-renowned accelerator to Fort Worth, Texas; a proven hub for innovation and entrepreneurship and as the 13th largest city in the country, Ft. Worth was the largest city in the US without a seed accelerator program. Third, the partnership that came together between UNT Health Science Center, The City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County and John Goff’s family office through Goff Capital LP creates a collaboration of public, private and educational institutions that gives these founders a unique opportunity to develop sound business models, built on science and supported by Fort Worth’s entire ecosystem.

All of these compelling pieces have come together to create a Texas-sized opportunity to showcase why we believe that Fort Worth is the center of the world for innovation and disruption in the field of Physical Health.

We present to you now, 10 of the companies transforming the physical health landscape.


Wellest is the AI Coach that optimizes your nutrition and activity around your lifestyle, taking the guesswork out of managing your health. Selling direct to consumer and business to business, the goal will be to create the most comprehensive AI coach relying on machine learning to increase efficiency.

Recovr Health

Recovr Health changes how physical and occupational therapy is delivered by turning standard exercises into fun and engaging virtual reality games. They have a B2B SaaS model via subscription to include as part of the package hardware kit, exercise game library updates, a web app portal, and ongoing support.

Boom Room Fitness

Boom Room Fitness is an online platform to service and provide revenue opportunities for trainers, physical therapists and fitness experts to build their business and ensure positive physical health for all of their clients.


GoManda is a digital solution to building social skills through building vocabulary. They provide a tablet-based flashcard platform that gives educators the best tool to teach vocabulary. By harnessing technology, they not only provide a carbon neutral solution to boxes of flashcards but can deliver a growing bank of photorealistic nouns, engaging audio and verbal reinforcements that kids love, and real-time data recording – all evidence based. With GoManda, any child can reach their potential.

Articulate Labs

Articulate Labs has created a mobile wearable medical device that provides accelerated rehabilitation for knee related injuries and pain. AL will create relationships with orthopedic centers, PT centers and others to offer a solution that they believe will be covered by existing CPT codes.

Pulsewave AG

PulseWave’s development, the TempleGuard, combines a wearable biosensor device worn conveniently and permanently with patients’ eyeglasses and cloud computing. This will allow Pulsewave to see direct to consumers in their own hardware (glasses) product or through third-party software integrators. By replacing a small part of your glasses you can turn your glasses into the version of data tracking that they have found with the “apple smart watch”.


STRAFFR is the next generation of smart fitness equipment, targeting the deteriorating health conditions of our communities with a high-tech sports product that can connect to an inspiring and motivating app. The product is a smart resistance band (one of the most versatile and portable training devices on the market) that offers professional individual training instructions, live corrective feedback and analytics. It not only provides guided videos and professional training, but its instant corrective feature also reminds you visually and audibly when you are pulling too hard or too fast, and it even counts your repetitions

Zama Health

Zama Health is a behavioral health solution for athletes, whose mental health is declining precipitously as needs go unaddressed. ZAMA's modern approach integrates therapy and medication management, physical and nutritional offerings, and community support into one platform. Beginning by selling this as an add on product/service offering from existing gyms, they are going to try and help physical training experts with integrating physical and mental health.


 Stabl is a post-operative rehabilitation platform that uses live motion analysis on a laptop camera to facilitate daily rehabilitation sessions and provide data-driven insights. Using computer-vision algorithms, Stabl identifies and tracks a patient's joints as they perform their recovery exercises. Stabl's platform then centralizes progress and shares it with the patient's medical team to enable remote monitoring and transition to telehealth appointments. Their proprietary algorithm designs treatment based on a patient's optimized outcome by collecting health data during pre-operative appointments, allowing hospital providers to effectively allocate resources.

 Neurofit VR

 Neurofit is the FitBit for the brain through a SaaS business model. They work with clinical care professionals (OT, PT, SLP, Neurologist, Psychologist) to provide neurorehabilitation or physical care in person or remotely.  By using adaptive virtual reality and web-based exercises they bring together patients and practitioners to assess, focus and personalize your recovery. They generate deep insights according to your mood and abilities to track engagement, as well as brain health and wellness according to your unique needs to save time, resources, and enhance quality of care.

About the Author
Trey Bowles

Trey has been an entrepreneur for more than two decades and is currently located in Dallas, Texas. Trey was the founder of multiple companies in the verticals of media, e-commerce, consumer-based technology and experienced two exits that provided good and bad lessons he continues to share with early stage founders. He has been a board member and advisor to hundreds of companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area over the last ten years.