Techstars Seattle Announces 12 New Companies in 2021

Nov 08, 2021

By Isaac Kato, Managing Director of Techstars Seattle and the Filecoin Techstars Accelerator

Techstars Seattle is proud to announce the 13th cohort of early-stage startups to participate in the venture accelerator’s 12-year heritage of entrepreneurial success. 

Our new class of startups follow in the footsteps of an incredible portfolio of companies who have participated in the Techstars Seattle accelerator in years past. Alumni include notable unicorns such as Remitly, Outreach, and Zipline. Collectively, Techstars Seattle portfolio companies have raised well in excess of $1.5 billion of growth capital following the completion of the program. And, our teams’ successes run not only deep, but wide: over 75% of our alumni companies have exited or are still running today.

This year, we have strengthened our support for entrepreneurs by increasing our class size from 10 to 12 early-stage companies. Techstars Seattle remains committed to seeking diverse founders, and notably, after achieving 50% CEO gender diversity in the Spring 2021 cohort, we are continuing the trend this fall with 6 women CEOs out of 12. Overall, 83% of our CEOs identify as part of an underrepresented community in the tech ecosystem.

The Fall 2021 Cohort represents a wide range of tech sectors, including B2B SaaS, e-commerce, travel, HR tech, consumer services, cleantech, edtech, wellness, and meal delivery.

The past two Techstars Seattle cohorts have thrived, despite launching into the teeth of the pandemic. As the world emerges from its prolonged sequestration, there’s never been a better time to start a company. So, we’re thrilled to welcome these 12 promising teams to participate in our rich heritage of technology startup success and to share their hope for a better future. 

Adaptively Education

Digitized, gamified education with live & group teaching.


Ecocrumb is a SaaS platform that helps small to midsize businesses track and improve their sustainability. We make it easy to collect and store data, set priorities, and take actions around ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. 


Edizeven offers tech-powered, personalized hiring solutions for restaurants. We source and pre-screen candidates helping them hire 2.5x faster.


Foreverly’s mission is to help people welcome the space to heal after experiencing the death of a loved one. 

Rexby (formerly LifeSwap)

Rexby is a marketplace where travelers can buy curated + customizable travel itineraries from local travel influencers.

Proxi (formerly Map Your Idea)

We help brands share geographic recommendations to engage their audiences.


Rejoicy is a marketplace for local businesses. 


Rfrd offers self-service tools and studio quality production to source authentic customer videos that drive revenue across the customer journey. 


Seize is a marketplace app that provides an in-the-moment photo taking service with photo takers that are readily available in scenic spots. 


She Matters is a digital health platform designed to support Black mothers through mental illness.


Wavelength combines personalized nutrition plans with powerful mindset and mental health tools for weight loss.


ZipLunch helps busy professionals, at home or at the office, save valuable time and money by simplifying meal ordering from their favorite restaurants.