Techstars Seattle Announces 14th Class of Startups

Nov 01, 2022

By Marius Ciocirlan, Managing Director, Techstars Seattle

On Monday, October 31, we welcome 12 frighteningly great companies to kick off Seattle's 14th Techstars program. Founders in this year’s class will deliver new solutions in AR, agriculture, insurance, health, enterprise SaaS and community building. These pioneering ideas will be led by a diverse set of founders, and we are pleased to announce that we've achieved gender parity at the CEO level for the third year in a row.

We are thrilled to welcome the founders and eager to guide them to find similar success as past Techstars Seattle companies. To date, Techstars Seattle portfolio companies have raised more than $2.5 billion of capital and over 80% of our companies have exited or are still running today. Notable companies include unicorns such as Remitly, Outreach, and Zipline. 

Our hybrid program format, in which we invite the founders to join us in Seattle for the first and last weeks of the program - and to work where they will be most productive in between - allows us to support founders from around the world. This year, we have founders joining us from Israel, England, the Netherlands, Spain, and Australia - as well as from across the United States and the Pacific Northwest. 

We're honored to present the 14th class of Techstars Seattle companies! If you are interested in supporting these companies, we invite you to apply to be a mentor on our website or reach out to us directly for an introduction to a company. We are looking for mentors who are entrepreneurs with an exit, and industry/subject matter experts who embody Techstars #givefirst spirit! 


The quickest way to build AI based applications. 


dealpad enables software sales teams to build deep partnerships with their buyers & get more deals closed using personalized buying spaces & Mutual Action Plans. 


An online B2B flower marketplace connecting suppliers with local farmers.


Koala enables pet insurance companies to reduce the number and cost of claims through an AI-driven underwriting process and the early detection of health issues. 

Indoor Collective

Immersive mobile app that connects your physical rowing machine to train and race by yourself or with friends. 


3D, visual, and unified data management platform that connects any map-locatable device for enhancing operators' situational awareness and decision-making using XR tools. 


A global community and vetted marketplace for menopause. 


Messaging and community platform for content creators to engage fans via SMS. 

Silico Data

We help get medicines to patients faster by digitizing and automating pharma quality assurance. 


Knowledge discovery and navigation platform for lawyers. 


Building vertical SaaS & Marketplaces for local commoditized services, starting with towing and automotive repair services. 


Software helping people take control of their digital devices to have more time for what matters.