Techstars Seattle is accepting applications for the 14th accelerator cohort

May 09, 2022

The Techstars Seattle and I are incredibly excited to announce the opening of applications for our 14th cohort. Applications are open from May 9, 2022 through July 27, 2022, and our hybrid/remote optional program will run from October 31, 2022 through February 9, 2023. Techstars Seattle is one of the crown jewels in the global Techstars network, and if you’re a tech startup founder, we’d love to meet you!

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Since 2010, Techstars Seattle alumni have achieved remarkable success. Collectively, the 130+ companies that have come through our program have raised over $2.5 billion dollars in private capital. It’s worth noting that the success is not only deep, but wide - 80% of the alums in our 2020 and spring 2021 cohorts raised their pre-seed or seed rounds. Furthermore, 86% of our alums have exited or are still in business - that’s remarkable math when you consider that most tech startups fail.

Like most Techstars city programs, we are sector agnostic and will generally consider any tech startup, other than those in pure life sciences. We are particularly interested in B2B SaaS, machine learning/AI, crypto/Web3, gaming and games infrastructure, marketplaces, e-commerce and commerce enablers, and productivity tools.

Not only is Techstars Seattle committed to recruiting diverse and underrepresented founders - we have helped these founders generate unprecedented levels of success. Our last two cohorts achieved gender parity at the CEO level, and our amazing alumnae have raised millions of dollars of capital during and after the program. Notably, three of the less than 200 Black, women tech startup CEOs in the United States who have raised $1M or more in venture capital are graduates of Techstars Seattle. We are very proud to contribute to the expansion of that amazing club.

Following the last two pandemic years, we have decided to continue running our program in a hybrid/remote optional format. Our underpinning philosophy in doing so is that we want our founders to work where they will be most productive. This also makes it possible for founders with children and other home-related obligations to more easily participate in our program. In fact, in the past two years, two of our CEOs gave birth mid-program. We’ve found that the hybrid approach promotes the optimal blend of productivity and founder camaraderie.

Techstars Seattle has generated these results by virtue of our 230+ deep mentor pool of successful founders, industry pros, and subject matter experts, as well as our global and highly engaged investor network. Our tight relationship with the University of Washington also allows us to connect our founders with a plethora of highly capable associates and interns who provide support for our founders in several domains.

If you’re a highly ambitious, driven, and capable tech founder or founding team, and you want to dramatically increase your odds of finding entrepreneurial success, Techstars Seattle is the right choice. We hope you’ll consider applying to our world-class accelerator program, and we’re excited to meet you - click here to apply!

Kind regards,

Isaac Kato

Managing Director

Techstars Seattle