Techstars Sustainability Paris 2023 Recap

Jan 26, 2024

Before we set our sights on the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024, let's take a moment to reflect on the notable milestones of 2023. It was a year marked by achievements, collaborative learning, and the establishment of meaningful connections. Join us as we revisit the key highlights that shaped our journey.

Achievement Overview

In the heart of our accomplishments lies the successful completion of two significant programs,  and a yearly summit gathering 500 registered guests - including 150 investors from Venture Capital firms including Serena Capital, OSS Ventures, Wind Capital, IRIS Capital, Ring Capital, Daphni and Asterion Ventures to name a few. We directed investments into 24 new companies, contributing to advancements in 8 SDGs . We now have a portfolio of 46 impact companies.

Events That Shaped Us

In 2023, we attended notable events like Vivatech, ChangeNOW, Hello Tomorrow in Paris, EU Start Summit in Barcelona, Bloomberg Summit in London, Tech Chill, SMAU in Milan, and BIAT in Naples. Motivated to unite Climate communities, we organized 20 events, bringing together around 1700 individuals. Successful initiatives included round-tables on Sustainability and Climate pitch sessions, both online and in Paris/London, featuring local players like Google for Startups, Stripe, Hack-Capital, and Techstars London. Our Summer closing event hosted over 200 people on a Seine River boat, and our December Summit had 300+ guests near the Royal Palace in Paris, marking the end of our Accelerator program.

Mentorship Pool

A sincere expression of gratitude to the mentors who played a crucial role in our journey. Our mentorship pool kept getting bigger in 2023 with almost 300 mentors setting a bar for what we will achieve in the next years! To name a few of our superstar mentors, Andrea Sasso, Caroline Franczia, Arnaud Weiss, Daniel Andor, Abhinav Ramaria, Frederic Krebs, Sanford Spivey, Pamela Wolf, Jonathan Morris, Aldrich Huang, Tim Dieryckx, Rahul Kulkarni, thank you!

Record-Breaking Moments

The March program's applications set a record for the highest number received. This overwhelming response serves as a testament to the engaged and dynamic ecosystem that surrounds us, thanks to our community for referrals!

Looking Ahead

With the achievements of 2023 as a solid foundation, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that await us in the future. The momentum we've built together reflects our shared commitment to this ecosystem!

As we turn our gaze toward the future, let's carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines us!

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