Techstars Tel Aviv 2021

Apr 04, 2021

By Hilla Ovil-Brenner, Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv

Known for decades as “The Startup Nation,” Israel has been synonymous with innovation, forward-thinking, and resilience all around the world. This has continued to stay true as Israeli technology and entrepreneurship ecosystems continue to lead even under the most difficult conditions. In fact, despite the regulations and lockdowns caused by COVID-19 in 2020, Israeli tech deals increased 55% and show no sign of slowing down in 2021 and beyond. Privileged to be part of this amazing atmosphere, we’re looking forward to the startups in this program continuing to contribute to this incredible growth. 

This year’s Techstars Tel Aviv cohort showcases the best of the Startup Nation. We’re proud to continue benefiting from and giving back to our amazing ecosystem with some of the most creative and smart companies and products on the market today. 

Following the trend of pandemic-era startups, this year’s cohort features unique eCommerce and SalesTech, and cutting-edge deep tech, cloud, and communication teams. Looking forward to more social and active lives, post-pandemic journeys or relocations will be made easier and more enjoyable with our family-oriented TravelTech team and international PropTech company. This year’s startups have truly identified and understood critical pain points and are working hard to perfect their solutions. 

As we begin this year’s program with 10 amazing startups, we look forward to continuing the core culture of teamwork, openness, and collaboration at Techstars Tel Aviv both virtually or in-person. Our goals for this program, like the many before, are to connect our companies with the most relevant and knowledgeable mentors, professionals, and community members in the business. 

Please help us welcome our companies to Techstars Tel Aviv! 

Heex Technologies

Heex Technologies is a cloud-based collaboration software tool focusing on Smart Data management in autonomous driving. 


Kneese is a finance organizer for multinationals around the world.


Spanland is an AI engine that provides real estate professionals with analyzed data on untapped renewal opportunities.


IndieFlow is a workflow management platform for the music industry. 

It’s July

It’s July is an urban travel guide for families.


Immagnify turns weeks of prospect research into seconds by automated  lead sourcing for sales teams.


MakeTuto/tuto is a tool that enables companies to create step-by-step interactive tutorials to help teach their customers how to use their products accurately.



gorillaLink offers an IoT satellite access platform by providing a satellite IoT development kit meant to enable the system integrators to implement a robust solution for the customer's unique critical IoT needs. gorillaLink provides a full technology stack to help you develop, deploy, and manage Satellite IoT projects at any scale.


3chron is a tool to help people communicate more naturally online by using 3D video.


radd. is a video based ecommerce experience to smartly connect online customers with their desired products.