Techstars Tel Aviv: The Ultimate Startup Accelerator in the Heart of Startup Nation

October 7th, 2020

By Hilla Ovil Brenner, Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv

I often think that in many ways, the country of Israel is a startup itself. It's a nation which emerged from the desert sands, overcoming turmoil, to become an unprecedented leader in technology and innovation - and ultimately the ״Startup Nation״.

Today, the  Israeli  ecosystem dominates in nearly every sector - from cyber, medtech, energy, autonomous vehicles, agritech, fintech, aerospace and much more. It is home to over 300 multinational R&D centers and nearly 100 international VCs, corporate investors and private equity firms.Tel Aviv ranks among top global cities for early-stage funding and boasts the highest number of startups per-capita in the world. And despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Israeli high-tech sector had a successful second quarter in 2020.

These and many more reasons attesting to Israel’s well-earned title of Startup Nation is why Techstars launched the prestigious Tel Aviv City Accelerator in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv Accelerator is an exceptional opportunity for startups anywhere in the world to join Techstars global network and become part of the flourishing Tel Aviv startup ecosystem.

Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. To date, we have run over 200 accelerators, helping over 5,000 founders. The Techstars overall portfolio just hit the $100B portfolio market cap milestone, making it us the #1 investor by volume according to Crunchbase.

For founders from all around the world, Techstars Tel Aviv offers the ultimate opportunity to tap into a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and corporate partners, and to take their business to the next level in the heart of this exciting ecosystem. 

This is why we are delighted to announce that applications for the 2021 Techstars Tel Aviv City accelerator program are now!

Who are we looking for? Team, Team, Team - We are looking for exceptional , visionary, and passionate entrepreneurs. Indeed, in these times of uncertainty, now more than ever, we value teams,  resilience and optimism. We are looking for unique people who work hard to fulfil their dreams, believe in technology, are able to scale, and most importantly, know how to build strong personal connections and leverage our incredible network.

What stage should they be? We invite applications from startups at any stage (before or after fundraising) 

What countries should they be from? We accept startups from anywhere in the world.

Techstars Tel Aviv is industry-agnostic - We are looking for companies building for global markets in diverse industries ranging from cyber, fintech, food-tech, gov-tech, transportation, ad-tech, proptech, SMB software, NLP, AI, ML, SAAS, Consumer health & fitness, E-commerce, gaming, VR/AR and much more. 

The application deadline is December 20, 2020, and the program will run for 13 weeks during the spring of 2021 (March - June). 

Techstars is now an integral part of the Israeli ecosystem. I am a serial entrepreneur, and having been involved in the high tech sector for over 20 years, I’m a true believer in the power of innovation and exceptional teamwork. As a founder myself, I understand what is needed to run a successful company, from raising money, to hiring the right people. I am also the Founder of Yaazamiyot, the biggest female founders group in Israel, with over 4,000 founders and global projects. 

Techstars has provided an incredible community, dozens of workshops, founders stories, office hours, investor meetings and much more over the years. We help founders identify KPIs and growth opportunities, hone their financials and market fit, start executing and get financed. In fact, we help startups do more, faster. 

As an entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity to create disruption in your industry, connect with fellow founders and industry leaders, and create true impact - all with the support of incredible mentors investors and more “#givefirst” Techstars teams around the world.

At Techstars, we believe that a #GiftFirst philosophy is the key to success. Over 100 mentors, from across the globe volunteer their time and provide invaluable insight to our entrepreneurs to help them succeed. Our mentors include VC partners from top firms, seasoned business professionals, marketing gurus, tech experts, attorneys and many others, each devoting their time as lead mentors to consult a startup throughout their journey.

If you have a startup dream, a rockstar team, and want to learn and connect to our network - we invite you to apply. 

Join our growing network and see what the Techstars ecosystems can do for you.

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