Techstars Toronto Celebrates 100th Investment Milestone and Welcomes Record Breaking 24 Companies to the Accelerator Program

Sep 22, 2023

Techstars Toronto is celebrating its 100th investment milestone by ushering in the 2023 summer cohort of global founders. In a groundbreaking move, the program welcomes its largest-ever cohort of 24 companies, selected from a competitive pool of applicants.

Techstars Toronto is renowned for its steadfast commitment to embracing diversity, and is thrilled to welcome 50% of its founders from the Global diaspora. Since inception, it has been a staunch supporter of international entrepreneurs and a welcoming hub for entrepreneurs from traditionally underrepresented communities worldwide. This rich cultural tapestry fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity, collaboration, and worldwide interconnectedness, reflecting the vibrant diversity that characterizes Toronto.

Led by pioneering Canadian and Global founders, Canada's tech landscape is undergoing an extraordinary transformation. These companies are catalysts of change across various tech sectors, from championing AI ethics to revolutionizing healthcare and last-mile drone delivery. Their collective endeavors illuminate key trends in today's innovation landscape.

As this program commences, these startups are primed to leverage Techstars' wealth of expertise, mentorship, and expansive network. Their participation supports accelerated growth, propelling their ventures toward success. Congratulations to the founders for securing their well-deserved spots in the Techstars Toronto Summer 2023 class.

Canadian Companies 

Unified: One API to integrate them all.

Asepha: Enabling clinicians to make faster-informed decisions by navigating through 35 million documents within seconds.

Aview: Enabling content creators and brands to monetize their content globally.

Fairly AI: Building the compliance layer for AI.

Hover Drone Delivery: Transforming last-mile delivery with autonomous drone delivery. 

Omnee: Bridging homeownership and AI-infused technology, Omnee empowers homeowners to understand and take care of their homes.

Chimoney: Seamlessly send money globally via Emails, Phones, or Twitter, and easily cash out through Banks, Mobile Wallets, Crypto, Gift Cards, and more.

Weaver & Loom: Empowering designers and retailers with innovative technology to craft bespoke luxury rugs, through bypassing the supply chain. Create, build, and deliver just-in-time handmade area rugs, improving artisans' lives along the way.

Better Basics: Better Basics designs self-care and cleaning essentials that are better for their people + the planet.

ENGAIZ: An integrated cyber risk intelligence, risk assessment and compliance platform to help organizations mitigate digital risks and build trust.

Payfi: Helping International Students Access Affordable Housing.

APX Lending: A FINTRAC & FinCEN-registered platform, redefining compliant Bitcoin-backed lending.

International Companies

Brysk: Brysk’s AI-based autonomous checkout technology paves the way for the future of retail with effortless implementation of cashierless shopping.

Cutstruct: A building material marketplace, driving efficiency and transparency in construction.

Admitly: simplifies college admissions for international students, guides them towards optimal economic opportunities, encourages diversity in partner institutions, and revitalizes enrolments in academic programs.

Starbem: Democratizing global mental health services, from its origins in Brazil during COVID to empowering Canadian immigrants with accessible telehealth psychological support.

Oval: Finance OS for growing businesses.

Leadfy: Leadfy automates online ads management, driving more and better leads to sellers.

CatalyzU: CatalyzU vets, trains, & places Africa’s leading Talent at global startups.

HulugramEnabling social engagement for over 30 million internet users in Ethiopia via a chat-based platform.

MPOST: MPost empowers individuals in the developing world with virtual addresses, by using mobile numbers as official addresses for KYC, insurance, banking, and eCommerce, thereby building a digital infrastructure for seamless access and exchange.

Seso: Leveraging advanced technology and deep industry knowledge, Seso Global introduces trust and transparency to the African Real Estate market.

Ladder: AI-powered wealth management for people and businesses providing personalized financial advisory and accountancy services. 

Reeple: Helping African immigrants in the Diaspora access seamless financial services

For the next two weeks, we are giving early access to our Deal Room to selected investors to schedule one-on-one meetings with our 24 visionary founders from around the world. Register here to access the dealroom.

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Additionally, Sunil also serves as the co-host for the prestigious Collision Conference in Toronto and the Web Summit series of conferences, spanning across exciting destinations such as Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Qatar, and Hong Kong

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