Ten World-Class AI Startups Selected for Techstars Montréal AI 2019

Oct 15, 2019

By Bruno Morency, Managing Director of Techstars Montréal AI Accelerator

Two years ago, Techstars was looking to establish an accelerator focused on artificial intelligence. With its world-class ecosystem of AI researchers, corporate labs, startups, and investors, Montréal came out as the right place to establish a program. Working alongside Real Ventures, our program partner, we select and invest in ten startups each year that use AI to build a new generation of products that allow various industries to leverage its enormous potential.

Today, we’re excited to unveil the second class of Techstars Montréal AI. Narrowing our 2019 class down to just ten startups was no easy task! We spent months meeting hundreds of driven entrepreneurs from around the world and listened as they shared their passion for their businesses and products. Our inaugural 2018 class of Techstars Montréal AI had companies solving problems across a variety of industries including agriculture, law, fashion, medical imagery, drug discovery, and power generation. Hailing from Canada, Romania, Slovenia, Russia and France, this year’s class of startups has a similarly broad industry scope with companies focusing on aquaculture, reproductive health, public transit, graphics rendering, and music – just to name a few.

The founders of these startups joined us in early September and quickly got to work. Techstars is a mentorship-driven accelerator and our founders  experienced what that means as they each met with over 75 mentors over the past weeks. This group of experienced entrepreneurs, technical experts and thought leaders from Montréal and beyond all gave time to help founders challenge and dissect every aspect of their business and share helpful insight for the road ahead. It’s a privilege to count on the support of such an eager group of men and women that truly embody the #GiveFirst mantra of Techstars. Over the coming weeks, the companies will continue working closely with a few select mentors as they focus to #domorefaster

We invite you to come hear their story at Demo Day on December 4th (places are limited, click here to reserve your ticket). In the meantime, please meet the startups of Techstars Montréal AI 2019!

Please reach out to Justine Marchand, Program Manager, for questions, interview requests, or additional data at justine.marchand@techstars.com.


Micropredictome uses the human microbiome and machine learning in order to offer a simple, cheap and non-invasive home diagnostic test for various gut diseases.



MorphL helps eCommerce companies that struggle with the complexity of AI adoption by lowering the barrier to integrating AI-based solutions and offering a suite of predictive models that are fully automated, that can be used across the full customer journey and are platform agnostic.


Lightmass Dynamics

Building a more efficient foundation for real-time 3D graphics and simulation.



For women who want to take control of their reproductive health naturally and effectively, Eli is developing an AI-powered biosensor that allows individualized decision-making.


Hello Iris

Hello Iris makes curated matches for meaningful first dates. We’re building a better dating experience



Proactive maintenance with sensors and AI.


ReelData AI

A.I. solutions that allow fish farms to understand metrics around health, hunger and growth, leading to an increase in production and sustainability.



Spliqs harnesses the power of AI to let anyone create music.


Blaise Transit

Blaise uses machine learning to optimize bus fleets in real-time based on passenger trip requests, through their universal on-demand bus platform.



Autonomous vehicle software for city services, farming, and delivery.