Test, develop and implement your tech side-by-side with our awesome corporate partner, Equinor, supported by Capgemini

Oct 04, 2021

Our plan for the lucky few selected for this program is for you to spend time inside of one of the planet’s most progressive energy companies, Norway’s own Equinor and to capitalise on being so close to an energy major, eating lunch with your Equinor mentors and really getting to know what it takes to connect with an energy giant. Note : we have yet to decide on the exact amount of in-person time during program. 

We also have an outstanding team of FIVE (5!) full-time consultants from the amazing Capgemini Invent working with you! Where else in the energy world do you get access to resources like that? Plus access to the Techstars network of investors, corporations and GiveFirst mentors! You are literally standing on the shoulders of giants via this program. Get ready to be accelerated! Get ready to drink from a firehose full of opportunities!

One of the big benefits that this program offers to founders is unprecedented access to the highest levels of the organizations we work with. That does not guarantee that you walk out of the program with a commercial deal with any of the corporate partners, but you will have insight into how to potentially close that deal and how to (and how not to…) navigate a large energy company. We are getting even closer to Equinor this year so you will know (if accepted) that Equinor has a genuine interest in you and your company... pretty cool!

The four pillars of investment across the energy transition include ;

  • Energy Production

  • A Net Zero Future

  • Digital & Operational Enablers

  • Disruptors

We are looking for ambitious founders & companies who are solving global energy problems that help us push towards NetZero, full stop. We believe that NetZero technologies represent the world's biggest investment opportunity and we want to talk to ambitious founders who share the same ambition. 

Be part of THE global energy accelerator in 2022

We’re looking to be blown away by ambitious founders. If you have a great team and a big vision, we want to hear from you. 

Covid-19 dependant, We are scheduling several in-person “Meet & Greets” and several online webinars where you can meet with us - where find us while applications are open. You can also request office hours (one-on-one time with program staff) in any of these locations or remotely, to share details of what you’re working on and to learn more about the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator.

Applications close December 1st, 2021 but due to our rigorous selection process and the multiple conversations you will likely need to have (in order to convince Techstars and Equinor that you are a great fit), please do get your application in as soon as possible.


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About the Author
Audun Abelsnes

Managing Director Audun Abelsnes breaks down the program and what he’s looking for.