The 2019 Class of the Western Union Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Jun 10, 2019

Today, Techstars in partnership with Western Union, is proud to announce the inaugural class of the Western Union Accelerator Powered by Techstars. The 13-week mentorship-driven accelerator program will work with the following 10 startups driving innovation in the next-generation of financial services solutions and payment technology. Presenting, the 2019 class of the Western Union Accelerator Powered by Techstars!


A mobile and web based facial recognition platform that validates and authenticates financial transactions.

Bridged AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a service providing scalable training data solutions for organizations building out their own AI models.

Challenger Fund

Software platform to increase stability and earnings for every consumer by maximizing the interest rate earnings for any checking or savings account at any bank.


Service that offers consumers debt-free capital to help with purchasing a home while providing investors an avenue for investment in the housing market and lenders a new lower risk lending option.


Software application that provides customers automated credit building.

Leaf Global Fintech

Leaf provides digital financial services to refugees which limits the need to carry cash across borders.


StoreCash allows unbanked teens to request, receive and instantly redeem funds from a mobile device.


Rebric provides a managed infrastructure platform so financial institutions can get machine learning and AI systems in place quickly.

Thrive Savings

Deliver financial empowerment through a mobile application by automatically saving money for consumers.


Technology that transforms any speaker and mic into a data transfer device.