Welcome Techstars Seattle Accelerator Class of 2020

Feb 03, 2020

Editor’s Note: Due to global circumstances, Demo Day information indicated in this blog post may be inaccurate. As definitive demo day dates and information are determined, updated info will reflect on the main program page

2020 marks an auspicious event for the Techstars Seattle Accelerator: the beginning of our second decade. We’re very excited to welcome ten new companies into the fold as we strive to build on the incredible legacy of success of our first decade. We stand on the shoulders of giants here at Startup Hall, including prior alumni such as Remitly, Outreach, Zipline, Skilljar, and Bizible. The Techstars Seattle team has high hopes for our newest founders to achieve success and contribute positively to the Pacific Northwest’s startup ecosystem for years to come.

The 11th class of Techstars Seattle hails from Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Tallinn, Atlanta, Ghana, the SF Bay Area, and Philadelphia. While diverse in gender, background, and ethnicity, our founders share the common traits of exceptional vision, passion, capability, and insight into the problems they are solving.

One of the hallmarks of the Pacific Northwest’s tech entrepreneurship scene is the unusual and happy degree to which its denizens are willing to collaborate with and assist each other. Techstars Seattle very much plays the role of a community asset – it’s a physical and virtual nexus where founders, mentors, investors, partners, and employees of tech companies large and small gather to freely share ideas, experiences, and networks in a way that benefits the collective whole. Each year, we have the great fortune to replenish and build on this positive dynamic by bringing ten new startups into the mix. We’re very grateful to them for choosing to join us, and we thank the many members of our ecosystem for their generosity in helping these teams on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Techstars Seattle Class of 2020, welcome to our family! We have mountains to move, and we’re excited to get to work. Don’t forget – Demo Day lands on April 29th this year. We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Unlock hidden insights from customer conversations that drive growth.

Market: mid-market SaaS


Founders LinkedIN: Maxwell Folley, Jonathan Minori


Helping YouTube skill experts give personalized feedback to their followers hassle-free.

Market: Mrktplace/E-Comm/Enabler


Founders LinkedIN: Genia Trofimova, Denis Anisimov

MD Ally

Navigating non-emergency 911 callers to virtual care.

Market: Enterprise SaaS


Founders LinkedIN: Shanel Fields, Kojo DeGraft-Hanson 


A managed marketplace, neu provides high-end, on-demand cleans by connecting cleaners with homeowners. 

Market: Marktplace/Gig Economy 


Founders LinkedIN: Kwame Boler, Claudius Mbemba

Olive Technologies

Simplify and de-risk enterprise technology purchase decisions.

Market: Enterprise SaaS


LinkedIN: Chris Heard, Dan Harrison


Jarvis for manufacturing workers: Live task guidance for zero human errors powered by computer vision.  

Market: Enterprise SaaS


LinkedIN: Zeeshan Zia, Quoc-Huy Tran, Andrey Konin


Empowering creators to increase revenue and community engagement by playing games alongside fans in real-team.

Market: Games/Games Infrastructure


LinkedIN: Thomas Gentle, Gordon Li, Riley Auten 

Spyn Pay

Spyn is a credit card that uses machine intelligence to help consumers spend confidently and avoid debt.

Market: FinTech


LinkedIN: Steve Strauch 


Yave is building better businesses in coffee by connecting commerce in a fragmented value chain.

Market: Marketplace/E-Comm/Enabler


LinkedIN: Scott Tupper, Dan Carlson, Nicola Claxton 


Contract Management Made Easy – One Minute to Sign-Up – Five Minutes to WOW!

Market: Enterprise SaaS


LinkedIN: Laurent Lathieyre, Olivier Colle