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Improving Diversity in Entrepreneurship

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The Techstars Foundation is a non-profit created to improve diversity in technology entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs through grants, scholarships, and sponsorships.


Through the Techstars Foundation, we can now offer a way for Techstars accelerator alumni, partners, mentors, Startup Weekend and Next alumni, and other supporters to Give First by providing access and opportunity to underrepresented minorities and – together – create stronger entrepreneur communities worldwide.

Please consider donating cash or stock to the Techstars Foundation, or to name the foundation as a beneficiary. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

To learn more, please watch the video above. Thank you for your support!

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If your organization is broadly impacting diversity in tech entrepreneurship, please request a grant. Please note that this is not startup funding for startup founders of diverse backgrounds. These are grants for organizations which are impacting diversity in tech entrepreneurship in a positive and scalable way. These organizations can work in other areas, but should have at least one scalable program that focuses on diversity in tech entrepreneurship. The organization can be based anywhere in the world, and can be nonprofit or for profit. If your organization is for profit, we require a fiscal sponsor to be in place.

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Questions? Contact Ali Berman, Interim Director.

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