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  • 5 Questions with Re:Coded

    With a grant from the Techstars Foundation, Re:Coded is helping refugee entrepreneurs make their communities stronger
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  • 5 Questions with Dr. George Eliopulos

    "We are alive during the latest human catastrophe. We are not the first. The human animal is master at navigating through this."
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  • 5 Questions with the Blackstone LaunchPad

    "They showed true tenacity, resilience, and an admirable willingness to pivot away from an exciting but imperfect idea."
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  • 5 Questions with Taylor McLemore

    "Founders must love the act of building, rebuilding, creating, and iterating."
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  • 5 Questions with Jason Towns

    "Some of your greatest insights will come as a result of a misstep or two along the way."
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