Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator

This program focuses on addressing the challenges of the modern dynamic labor market through innovative technologies. The first two weeks and the last week of the program will be in person. There are tentative plans to gather for a week at the midpoint of the program. The remainder of the program will be virtual to maximize accessibility and public health safety.

Denver, Colorado

Hybrid Program
This program is running virtually with some optional in-person events.

May 10th, 2021

Applications Open

Jul 28th, 2021

Final Deadline

Nov 8th, 2021

Accelerator Starts

Feb 10th, 2022

Demo Day


"Founder conviction is a more powerful motivator than financial gains."

Taylor McLemore, Managing Director
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The Team

Taylor McLemore
Managing Director
Allie Schlosser
Program Manager



"Colorado Thrives looks forward to partnering with entrepreneurs and innovators to address the issue of economic mobility across the nonprofit and for profit sectors."
Mike Fries
CEO of Liberty Global and Techstars mentor
"Having benefited from mentorship myself, I’m gratified we’re supporting entrepreneurs innovating to help more people achieve economic mobility."
Tom Dawson
Interim CEO of Strada Education Network and Techstars mentor
"We’re excited to support entrepreneurs and catalyze innovation to help more people access affordable training and meaningful jobs."
Ben Walton
Cofounder of ZOMALAB and a Techstars mentor