Techstars Workforce Development Announces 2024 Class of Pioneering Startups

Jun 03, 2024

DENVER (June 3, 2024) - Techstars, the largest pre-seed investor in the world that has invested in more than 4,000 early-stage startups, today has announced the re-launch of the Workforce Development Accelerator and 12 new companies. The Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator focuses on addressing the challenges of the modern dynamic labor market through innovative technologies. The 12 selected startups are working to solve the complex needs of the labor market on issues ranging from accessible career pathways to up-skilling solutions to navigating education options and financial savings. 

“The program is about investing in founders and companies that are helping to maximize human potential in some unique and powerful way,” said Dave Cass, Managing Director of the Techstars Workforce Accelerator. “This program had a highly competitive application process, and I am thrilled to announce the twelve companies, get to work with, and help them to achieve and scale their vision.”

The 2024 class, which begins June 10, is the fourth class of Workforce Development and will be run in partnership with the Strada Education Foundation and World Education Services (WES), bringing a deep set of career and education expertise and mentorship capabilities. The first three classes to date have produced 32 companies and raised more than $68 million. The 12 newly selected startups receive seed funding and dedicated mentorship from a network of global leaders dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. 

Over the next three months, these startups will receive seed investment and mentorships through Techstars' worldwide network of business leaders, including Denver's business community, as well as business coaching through the program's educational components. 

The Workforce Development Accelerator team is led by Dave Cass (Managing Director) and Sasha Green (Program Manager). The team works closely with entrepreneur-in-residence Taylor McLemore. For more information, visit the Workforce Development Accelerator and follow on Linkedin.

The 2024 Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator Class includes: 

For companies with employees struggling to be productive in distributed, flexible work environments, BillionMinds offers a practical approach to building critical, future-proof soft skills. 

A mobile application that creates personalized career journeys to help talent navigate career discovery, up-skilling, interview readiness, and job applications.

Makes AI work for you by transforming it into a seamless, accessible assistant that fits effortlessly into your workflow — no chatbots, no prompts, just powerful results tailored to you. 

For workforce directors with applicant tracking and job placement challenges, Fathom provides a career management platform that streamlines employment, training, and support services.

Assistive communication software for non-speaking people with autism, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

For people with disabilities and nontraditional learners who struggle due to inaccessible platforms, Incskill provides an AI-powered platform that helps them with career discovery and accessible and adaptive up-skilling.

Simplifies diversity and inclusion for business and organizational leaders by providing access to inclusion experts, tools, and resources on demand.

For families that don't know how to plan for college and can’t afford a private education consultant, Mapt offers a mobile suite to navigate the college admissions process.

A mobile application that helps families save for education and navigate everything regarding saving for their family's future.

For school districts with a substitute teacher shortage and retention problem, SubHub provides mobile-friendly, short-form training content for ‘subs’. When they are trained, subs are more likely to stay in the field.

A personalized workforce development, optimization, and support platform that empowers community health workers to deliver health and education equity.

An inclusive career navigation platform that bridges education and workforce. Wingspans transcend the conventional data-driven approach to career discovery by putting the human experience at its center.