Thanks for your interest in Techstars mentorship-driven accelerators! Below you can find more information about our application questions and what we are looking for so you can prepare to apply for one of our programs.

Application Overview

  • We use a platform called F6S to accept applications. When you click one of our links to the application you’ll be asked to create a profile. Please make sure you provide an email you are checking so we can send you critical application updates.
  • The application consists of three parts: company information, team information, and detailed questions about your team, market, progress, and idea.
  • Each one of our programs has its own application so you can choose which program is best, plus one additional 2nd choice program.
  • Multiple applications do not increase your chances of acceptance, so pick the program that is the best fit for you.

Application Questions — the team and company stuff is straightforward (we always love hearing about something cool you built), so below are the additional questions we’ll ask you about.

Because we know you are busy also running a company, make sure you pay attention to the character limits and focus on answering the question.

  1. Program choice — we’ll ask you to confirm your first choice program and then want to know, why are you specifically interested in the above selected program? If the program is with a corporate partner, how do you envision engaging with them? (500 characters)
  2. Then select a 2nd choice or let us know if you are only interested in one program or need additional support picking!
  3. Please describe your company and the problem you’re solving. (280 characters)
  4. How is your solution uniquely addressing this problem? (500 characters)
  5. How will your company change the world? What is the big picture and vision? (1000 characters)
  6. Please explain why your team is uniquely qualified to solve this problem. How long have you been working together and how did the co-founders meet? Is there someone on your team building your technology? (1000 characters)
  7. List if each founder is working on this full-time or part-time so we can better understand your resource allocation to this point. If accepted into the program, can all founders attend the accelerator in person full-time? (500 characters)
  8. Please provide your revenue/customer/user growth KPIs or metrics. Include totals and month-over-month growth for the last six months. If your product is not yet in the market, how are you tracking progress – ie. LOIs/MOUs, waitlist sign-ups, or other indicators of early market demand? (1000 characters)
  9. How do you plan to acquire customers/users? (500 characters)
  10. If you have applied to Techstars before, what’s changed since your last application? (500 characters)
  11. Please explain any capital raised to date and terms (1000 characters)
  12. What is your monthly burn and how much runway do you have? (500 characters)
  13. Please list names and websites of 3-5 of your competitors. (500 characters)
  14. Please list all shareholders (including founders, employees and investors) of the company that own at least 5% equity, including their title and percentage. (1000 characters)
  15. Have you previously attended any accelerators, incubators or similar programs? (500 characters)

Finally, we’ll want to hear additional insight from you — like what made you realize you had to apply, if you have attended a past accelerator or similar program, if you want to hear from our corporate partners, and confirmation of your application.