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We currently run 47 mentorship-driven accelerators in over 15 countries. If the accelerator of your choice doesn't have applications open, we encourage you to complete the General Interest form and we will let you know when applications open. This will also give you the opportunity to participate in Office Hours - a one-on-one session with a Techstars team member.

How It Works

Applications typically open four times a year for 12-weeks. Multiple applications do not increase your chances of acceptance, so pick the program that is the best fit for you. During the application period we may reach out to invite you to office hours or hope to meet you on the road at one of our Meet & Greet events.

After applications close, we’ll review applications for about seven weeks, and spend time getting to know even more about your team, market, progress and idea. Our goal is to notify the final group of companies being accepted within eight weeks from the application closing date.

What to Know Before Applying

Our applications are designed to better understand you, your team, market, progress and idea. Take your time to fill it out as best as you can. Your goal is demonstrate to Techstars your ability to execute on the idea. Don’t be sparse.

We are big on passion. We want our founders to be passionate about their startups. We want our Managing Directors and mentors to be passionate about the companies in the class. With passion being the uniting emotion, we believe magic can happen for a startup within the Techstars ecosystem. Show us your unbridled passion for your team and product.

It also helps to do research - look into each accelerator and the team behind it, and show us you’ve done your homework.

Preparing to Apply

  • Check out our FAQ.
  • Learn more about what we look for here.
  • Preview our application questions here.

Current Open Programs

Techstars Program

Application Deadline

Techstars Austin Accelerator

Program Starts: Dec 2, 2019 Program Ends: Mar 5, 2020


Recently ranked the #14 fastest-growing startup ecosystem in the world among many other top rankings (places to live, fitness, education), Austin has exploded onto the startup scene. With a strong tech community and a burgeoning investor network, Austin is attracting the best and brightest from all over the globe. Known for its friendly and welcoming startup vibe, founders are flocking to Austin to launch and grow their businesses.

Applications Deadline: Aug 25, 2019

Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator

Program Starts: Feb 4, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 30, 2020

New York

The accelerator will focus on the blockchain domain as it applies across industries, and on blockchain infrastructure and protocol development, cryptocurrencies, security, and distributed applications in finance, IoT, education, real estate, retail, insurance, energy, healthcare, and more.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars - London

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


This unique partnership between Barclays and Techstars brings two networks together into one accelerator program that offers entrepreneurs unprecedented access not only to a world leading bank, but also to Techstars international mentor and investor relationships. The London program is nestled in the heart of the Financial Services and FinTech capital of the world, within a few miles of banks, government and Europe's largest VC ecosystem.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

BSH Future Home Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


BSH and Techstars are looking for innovative startups from around the globe that change the way digital consumers live, cook and do housework (e.g. digital services in the kitchen / household / residences, smart appliances and accessories in the connected kitchen) and B2B solutions that digitize core processes across the home appliance value chain (e.g. in Production, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, HR, etc.)

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Anywhere Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


Techstars Anywhere is a (mostly) virtual Techstars accelerator--no relocation necessary. Through the power of the Techstars network and the use of technology we bring Techstars to the founders #Anywhere. Founders follow the proven Techstars approach to accelerate their business & #domorefaster. The investment we make in each company in capital, time & network is exactly the same as every other Techstars accelerator. The program is best for companies in US Pacific and Eastern timezones.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Bangalore Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


Techstars Bangalore Accelerator is the first Techstars program dedicated to supporting startups which are addressing emerging markets problems. We’re looking for companies from around the world that are applying technologies including AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Robotics, IoT and Data Analytics to meet demands from emerging markets, across the areas of food supply, environment, retail, media, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, urban planning, public sector, transportation, and logistics.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Berlin Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


Berlin is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. It is attracting founders from all over Europe who are coming to build their companies amidst a sea of top talent, a supportive community and a great place to live. Investors from all over Europe and the rest of the world are traveling to Berlin to invest here.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Boston Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 20, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 16, 2020


Boston is home to countless category-shifting, deep tech creations & is viewed as a top innovation hub in a number of verticals. With a reputation for churning out hugely successful companies & disruptive technologies, the Techstars program in Boston attracts top talent from all over the world. Known for producing some of the best-funded classes across all of Techstars programs, Boston boasts an intensely active startup ecosystem that enables hundreds of companies & successful exits each year.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Boulder Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 21, 2020


Since 2007, Our amazing mentors help founders avoid mistakes, solve problems and take their businesses to the next level. We create a family of entrepreneurs to travel with you on the inevitable ups and downs of the startup journey, and we build the capacities of founders and their teams. We believe the best companies are built from the inside out, from founders, to leadership teams, to the company and their community. Our 124 alumni companies include DigitalOcean, Sphero, and SendGrid.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Chicago Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


Techstars Chicago is at the center of the Midwest startup community, one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the U.S. Participating companies get access to funding, resources, office space, and mentorship from 150+ entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, including the founders of BaseCamp, Uptake and GrubHub.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Hub71 Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020

Abu Dhabi

Based in Abu Dhabi, the Techstars Hub71 Accelerator is open to startups addressing technology innovations across a variety of business verticals including ICT & semiconductors, metals & mining, healthcare, real estate & infrastructure, petroleum & petrochemical, renewal energy, and utilities. The program will have a specific focus on solutions in the AI, analog/digital interfaces, AR/VR/mixed reality, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital media, IoT, payment technology and robotics spaces.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Music Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020

Los Angeles

Techstars Music is a startup accelerator run by Techstars and a group of leading companies from the global music business: Avex Inc., Sony, Warner Music Group, Silva Artist Management, Bill Silva Entertainment, RecoChoku, Concord Music Group, Royalty Exchange and QPrime Management.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Seattle Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


Seattle is home to tech industry leaders Amazon and Microsoft, enterprise SaaS innovators Concur and Tableau, and top retail brands including Starbucks, Costco, Nordstrom and REI. The University of Washington is also a global magnet for talent, and Silicon Valley investors and tech leaders like Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Baidu rely on Seattle's deep well of technical talent.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


Based in Turin, Italy, the Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator is focused on transformative smart mobility technologies with a concentration on smart infrastructure and smart cities. The program is supported by partners Compagnia Di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and hosted at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR) in Turin.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

Techstars Toronto Accelerator

Program Starts: Jan 27, 2020 Program Ends: Apr 23, 2020


The Techstars Toronto Accelerator is Techstars' first Canadian accelerator program. It will have a horizontal focus & will operate similar to our other city programs. The Toronto-Waterloo/Kitchener startup market is full of innovation, mentors & capital – the exact ingredients for a successful accelerator. We're very thankful for all the help from Real Ventures, Canada's most active early stage venture fund, for their assistance in making this happen.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator powered by Techstars

Program Starts: Mar 2, 2020 Program Ends: May 28, 2020


Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars is looking for teams pioneering technologies that will revolutionize the construction and engineering industries, including how people move around cities and the associated infrastructure need.

Applications Deadline: Oct 13, 2019

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Techstars Program

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Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator


Applications Open: Sep 16, 2019

Applications Close: Dec 6, 2019

Techstars Korea in Partnership with Hillstone Partners


Applications Open: Dec 9, 2019

Applications Close: Mar 1, 2020