5 Questions with Kurt Workman, Cofounder and CEO at Owlet - IPO

Jul 16, 2021

Kurt Workman is the CEO and cofounder of Owlet Baby Care. He has dedicated the last decade to revolutionizing infant health, leading Owlet’s growth from its inception and overseeing research and development of the company’s pipeline, including the creation of the Owlet Smart Sock and its connected nursery ecosystem of products. He has also served as a member of Owlet’s board of directors since he cofounded the company and continues to provide key oversight of Owlet’s product portfolio and growth opportunities. Owlet completed the Techstars R/GA Accelerator in 2013. In early 2021, Owlet announced its plans to go public via a SPAC, valued at over $1 billion.  

Kurt has been named to Forbes prestigious “30 under 30” list and recognized by Utah Business Magazine’s “20 in their 20s” award. He studied business and engineering at Brigham Young University. Kurt is a proud father to three children and is married to his high school sweetheart.

01. Why did you found Owlet?

My cofounders and I are all parents, and at our very core, we believe every parent deserves access to the tools and technology necessary to provide their child with the best care possible at home. In today’s world where we have tech everything, it blew my mind that technology for parents and infant health was at least 10 years behind. We created Owlet to change that and to truly empower parents in the home.

02. How did Techstars help Owlet grow?

Techstars was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helped Owlet connect some very important dots and set the stage to become who we are now. We built incredible connections and relationships – which we still have today. We got support in building the framework for our brand. We met some of the best investors in the world, who I’m so proud to say will be there with us at the NYSE when we officially ring the bell.

03. Why is going public important for Owlet?

Owlet going public will open new and even more opportunities to revolutionize infant health and to achieve our mission of getting every baby and every parent access to the right tools and technology in the home to provide the best care.

04. What has Owlet accomplished that makes you the most proud?

I am most proud of the impact we’ve had on, and the trust we’ve earned from, over 1.5 million parents around the world who are now part of the Owlet family. We couldn’t have done this without my incredible team who are the real champions behind this incredible company.

05. How do you Give First?

Owlet wouldn’t be what it is today without the mentors, investors, believers, and supporters that have rallied around us over the past nine years. I am humbled and forever grateful for this, and in my own life, I am trying to Give First, more. I run an incubator program in Mexico to support young entrepreneurs and mentor them through R&D and commercialization. I mentored at Techstars MetLife. I also love to connect with students through BYU’s programs, where I went to school, and of course with others in the Silicon Slopes community and beyond.

Bonus Q: What would you say to an entrepreneur who is thinking about applying to Techstars?

Just do it. Do it now, and you don’t regret it.